Discussion. Likes and dislikes on the latest Hitman games

Hi all, first post to the forums and it’s potentially a controversial one. (Apologies for formatting).

I’ve only recently played the two latest Hitman games after taking a break from the series for a while, hence why the thread is a little late. But I would like to see the opinions of other people on my most favorite franchise!

I’m going to start this off with a very subjective list of things I personally like and dislike about the new games, and I would love to hear your guys thoughts.

Things I personally like:

*How well the game plays. Hitman has never played so well. 47 is easy to control, the camera is good, the inventory is easy to use and acess and I really like throwing stuff at people.

*How much time has been spent crafting environments. The game looks lush, even Hitman 2016.

  • The extra missions outside of the campaign for replayability.

  • Seeing Agent 47 own that catwalk

Things I’m not too fond of:

  • Opportunities. (Yes, I’m aware they are optional). I really dislike playing with them. I also find that it makes a lot of NPCs behaviour unnatural as it forces them into a set routine once activated. Unlike the older games, you know the target will never flee the area. I don’t get the love for them when Absolution was dragged for how linear it was, when opportunities are just ‘go from A -B’.

  • Difficulty. The newer games are a tad too easy. Hitman 2016 is the first Hitman game I’ve not died once in. I’m happy to see Hitman 2 has difficulty settings and suit only, but I still don’t think they are that challenging.

  • Boxes and cupboards. I don’t dislike them, I just think there are too many of them and always in just the right places. I suppose this links with difficulty.

Things I would like to see more of:

  • More emphasis on story and a longer campaign. I like the side missions a lot, but I really like the Agent 47 character and would like to see more of him.

  • A darker tone and atmosphere. In my opinion, Hitman is getting a bit too silly (see firing a cannonball into someone in their garden) and there aren’t enough nighttime missions or darker missions. Contracts ismy favourite game and still to this day puts me on edge playing it.

What do you guys think? :slight_smile:

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The reason the devs added opportunities or mission stories was because of 2 reasons- 1) The players during BETA felt that the locations in-game were not brought to life at all but instead felt barren and lifeless. 2)Many players found the game way too difficult.

The answer the developers had to these 2 problems were opportunities. They acted as pullouts from the targets loops and helped the players to kill them in a unique style or bring the targets to an isolated area. The devs also thought that the reason players felt the locations were lifeless was because there were no NARRATIVE MOMENTS in the locations for the targets, so it felt like nothing was going on. Opportunities also made it seem like there were things going on in the targets’ lives and made the locations more interesting overall.

So do more challenging runs. Beauty of hitman is that you can make it as easy or as hard as you want. Up to the player really. Also the vast majority of gamers (especially those with no prior hitman experience) are incredibly trash at the game, as IO found out when they gave press etc early Miami access.

Yes. Casual players love Opportunities because it gives them one of the best ways to explore the map and experience the smaller stories of each location. We, on the other hand, have no problem on exploring the whole map and figuring things out on our own, but the majority of the players don’t have that patience. Two different ways of experience the game.

Regarding the story, I still think HITMAN 2’s story is trash. At this point I just want a good written storyline, characters and all. No more deus ex machina or weird things.

And I think each location could have its own atmosphere. See how dark and unsettling The Author is. Yes, it has silly things, but the whole plot of a writter conspiring with a cult to obtain a chemical weapon to commit mass murder is chilling. Some sections of Freedom Fighters, Three Headed Serpent and The Ark Society have mysterious/dark themes aswell.
However, this is not Contracts levels of darkness. That was my favourite Hitman too.

And no, people. The Ark Society is not comparable to Beldingford Manor. One is a crowded party of elitists like Eyes Wide Shut, the other is a gathering of psychos inspired most likely by The Most Dangerous Game.

I don’t think the whole game has to be dark and gritty. A couple of levels would fit this style pretty well.

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