Discussion on Firearms/weapons love em or hate em round 2


Resubmitting this so we can discuss weapons of a sorts from guns to swords. The legal and personal views on them. Favorite types and ones you want to ses in Hitman 3.

This discus is open to all topics on the matter but consider the following courtesy of Jarbinger.
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  • How it fits into the wider legislation
  • That it is specific to the United States of America
  • Ways it has been interpreted over the centuries
  • That people might want to have a conversation about specifics


I would lile to hear what weapons you hope to see in Hitman 3 or any weapon you love or hate.

Reframe from demanding people agree with you on what you consider to be a fact. If you wish to claim something is a fact provide evidence to back up your claim. For example the longsword or katana is the best sword.


One of my favorite swords/machetes is called the Ginunting. It is one of many designs if swords found in Filipino Martial Arts.ttdwxOi_d


If we could unlock the katana again that would be great. Also would be cool if 47 gets spotted with it and guards are telling him to surrender you have the option for “seppuku” instead of just the “fake surrender” option because I usually restart the level at that point anyways.


Yeah i hope they give us the Motorcycle escalation for Hokkaido. So we can unlock the katana.


There was already a katana in H2016 that you could unlock, called Masamune, wich you obtained by completing some Kill Bill inspired challenges in Hokkaido. Machete, we have the Nne Obara’s one.

I used to prefer the Masamune over the machete back in H2016 but given the new mechanis to holster both of these weapons and carry them around, now they are equally practical to trasnport. Still, the Masamune (that still needs to be added to H2) has fast animations for frontal kills compared to the machete.


I wouldn’t mind a Vietcong looking dart shooter. It would be cool to shoot someone across a room and for them to fall ill. This would be great for speedrunners as well, imagine shooting someone from halfway across the map at the start of a mission. Kill the other target and then run to drown the poisoned guy.


I would also love if we could call in agent smith for sniper support. E.G tell him to snipe someone after positioning smith (not sure how it would affect ratings) and in the panic of the gunfire escape past guards and enforcers


Don’t mind different melee, but here is my thoughts about firearms:
Actually, I wanna see some “classic” gun set (and not that bullshit with unrealistic non-existent firearms), just like in C47 (that’s both nostalgia and common sense). So, something like:
Pistols: Silverballer/Silverballers (obviously unique one/ones), Kimber Warrior (actually, some kind of “modern M1911”; for tough bodyguards and assassins), actual old M1911, PM (both for some kind of bandits), Beretta 92FS, Glock 17 (both for regular law enforcement and bodyguards).
Concealable SMGs: Mini UZI for thugs, Steyr TMP for bodyguards who can’t carry large weapons.
SMGs: MP5A2, A3, A4, A5, UMP45, UMP9. First and second could be option for poorer fractions, other ones - for police on high alert and private security.
Assault Rifles: AKM and M4A1 (or AR-15, doesn’t matter actually) - both for the toughest guards, PMCs, Military, SWAT etc.
Shotguns: some “classic” shotgun with wooden furniture (R870/M500), Benelli M4 - both for private security and police. Well… As far as I am fanboy of John Wick movie, would like to see KSG-12, that thing’s really in Hitman style
Sniper rifles: actual Walther WA2000, or may be some kind of its modification, made by 47 himself… Doesn’t matter. Also, Sako TRG, also feels like fitting rifle for 47.
And Machine gun: M60; say hello to my little friend.


A sniper rifle that looks similar to the .50cal Barrett M107 would be pretty sweet.


“… Old Painless is waiting…”