Disguise as a guard searching for the suspect, dragging the corpse, act like a scared civilian

Idea for suspicious situations (hide):

  1. When the situation is suspect (gunshot, explosion, body found):
  • The guards pick up their weapons and start walking alert, looking for something suspicious.
  • Civilians are scared.
  1. In a suspicious situation, Agent 47, when the player presses a key:
  • Wearing a guard disguise, would pick up his gun and start walking alert, looking for something suspicious.
  • As a civilian, act scared.
  1. This would serve to hide the Agent 47, acting like a guard or civilian in a suspicious situation.

Idea for dead bodies (drag the body without suspicion):

  1. When a guard finds a dead body, he puts the body into a corpse bag, and then he drags the bag.
  2. At the beginning of the mission, the player could choose as equipment body bags (a plastic bag of corpses can be folded and concealable, stored in the pocket).
  3. Wearing a guard disguise, Agent 47 could put the corpse in the bag and drag it without suspicion.

Now a stupid idea (kill a target without witnesses):

  1. When Agent 47 punches a civilian, the guards try to arrest 47.
  • An idea would be a key to insult a civilian, and start a fight (the civilian will punch 47). The guards will try to arrest the civilian or remove him from the area.
  • That would be random, the civilian could start a fight, ignore the insults, etc.
  1. When Agent 47 enters a restricted area, the guards say “exit this area, now”.
  • While disguised as a guard, 47 could send the civilians out of the area.
  1. This would be useful for killing a target without witnesses, removing civilians from the area.
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no, this shouldn’t be a thing. would ultimately make the suspicious status around the scene of a crime useless


Some interesting ideas here but all too far fetched and unbalanced for the current games I’m afraid, it’s already easy enough . Welcome to the forum by the way.

It is interesting, but I have to agree with cake and Max, it would render the suspicion levels useless.