DLC question Hitman 2

Hi! First time posting on the forum,so sorry if i’m putting this in the wrong category or whatever.
I’m playing Hitman 2 (disc) on the PS4,and i have a question about the dlc “New York” level.Is it not available as standalone dlc? I wanted to buy it but all i get is a message saying i don’t own Expansion Pack 1.
I’ve been looking in the PSN store but i can’t find any Expansion pack 1.
How do you get access to the level?

Expansion Pass

This DLCs (New York, Maldives, Hantu Port, Siberia) are not available for separate purchase.
You should get Expansion Pass in order to have access to all these things (including other DLCs like Winter Sports Pack etc).
Don’t be afraid, you won’t be forced to pay more for all this content.
It’s all included in a price for Expansion Pass.

And a side note:
When you buy the Expansion Pass you will be able to download all the additional content, but you must search for it manually on your store and download it manually.
You should do this for every single DLC. There is no way to get your hands on all the DLCs at once.
One by one…

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Okay Thanks for the replies,much appreciated.