Do items from Hitman (2016) transfer to Hitman 2?

I know I’m about a year late, but I’m curious if certain items I had from Hitman were able to get transferred to Hitman 2 so I didn’t have to work for the same items again (such as the gold coin or an exclusive suit).

Just a thought.
thanks :slight_smile:

Neither item can be transfered from previous to current game, but if you have Legacy Pack in HITMAN 2, you can unlock nearly all items from HITMAN 2016 and use them in all across HITMAN 2.
But you have to unlock everything again


The Elusive target coin transfers though (if it was earned).


I’m not 100% sure. Maybe

It absolutely 100% does.

If you unlocked one of the three coins in HITMAN, it unlocks the first time you launch HITMAN 2.


I have the legacy pack and I unlocked everything I was supposed to I believe. I can’t vouch for the elusive target coins though since I never received them. I looked on the Wikipedia page to make sure I met the requirements to unlock them awhile back, but for some reason I never got them in the previous Hitman. Can you unlock them in Hitman 2 also?

Not for now at least.
These ET coins were limited in amount (a hundred or thousand in total) and were granted to those who succeeded in most of targets of which they’ve played.
Success is a Silent Assassin on all or big percentage of ET’s that you’ve played

I never heard anything about a limited number to them. You just had to do an ET in season 1 the first time round. Only one ET was enough.

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You should have read the message in a pop-up window when that coins appeared

Not sure about a limited number either? I know there are 3 different versions of the coin available depending on what criteria you hit with an elusive target

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I thought this was the case too. Which was why I was confused since I met the criteria for at least one of the coins in season 1. Limited time sounds right but not limited number

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3 different coins?
No, there is one coin. I had a screenshot of that message, but shortly after I deleted it cuz it was in russian and nobody would understand what is written there :slight_smile:

I remember that message said it was a gift to loyal fans of HITMAN that mastered the game and only chosen deserved it. It was literally said that the amount of these coins is limited and not everyone will get it.
Random luck if you wish

Ok, I found a screenshot in English of this message, and @JaM_47 seems you’re right about 3 types, but however it says that limited number of players will get it

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Limit number of players, meaning it’s for those who completed an ET when they first ran them (with/without SA or played them). Reactivation doesn’t count.

So they didn’t choose for who would get it and who wouldn’t. It’s based on your progress of the first ET run.