Do not play any source games for now

Hello everyone,

I haven’t been active in a while here, but I had to share this with you as it could do harm.

Dont play any source code games at the moment. Especially TF2, CSGO or Gmod. According to sources, people have the potential to install malicious software or break your pc entirely. DONT PLAY RN.

If there are any questions feel free to ask.



Is this sarcasm?
If not, you’re clearly mistaking games built from Source engine with open source (“source code”) games. Also, mind elaborating? Stuff like the legit version of the “gman virus” or “cough virus” (no pun intended for COVID… Probably) could be potentially injected on any game, especially those that rely on web script menus

No its literally everywhere on the Web. Its the closed version so some valve games are pretty ducked

Here is one of the links

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More details on the leak…


Ah, you’re referring to that. Sorry, “source code games” misleaded me. Anyways, I don’t see any more risk than whatever source games already were. They are extremely exploitable and the injection of arbitrary code has always been there.

I see the leak as a benefit, instead, because the community can help fixing possible vulnerabilities. There are plenty of games which are open source and they are safer than any AAA game out there. That’s because any kind of exploit is widely known to the community, or anyways it can be dealt with pretty fastly. Take a look at Quake III Arena, from the glorious id Software. Now it’s GPL but there is also an open source alternative that basically the same engine, ioquake3, and it’s now one of the biggest games ever, in terms of content, because there’s a huge community support that keeps adding things (even if now it’s almost dead). From it, forks have been made, for example Warsow, in which I developed some gametypes and mods, after more than a decade of gameplay I can tell you that the community is completely safe, despite very known exploits (some of which got fixed by the community and devs, but others were kept because they’re funny).

I am somehow happy about this leak, although it doesn’t change much, since the Source engine SDK was released by Valve long time ago - if one wants to find an exploit, that’s where they look at. Game-specific codes aren’t a big deal when you already know whatever is behind them.

Still, thanks for the news, I find it interesting and I’ll look further into it :slight_smile:

People are installing mallware on other people’s pcs

This is real threat. Do not take this as a joke!!

Avoid any game with Source Engine, especially CS:GO and TF2 for the sake of your PCs :warning:

Be safe, play safe, Valve will probably release a fix soon :+1:


This just came in from the official CSGO twitter and is mentioned by an official steam moderator. I didn’t edit out the rest so you know its real.

This doesn’t mean its 100% safe as of yet and TF2 is still unsafe as this tweet only mentions CSGO

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You can play apex because it uses the source engine

The official TF2 twitter now also states that the source code is too old to do an effective hack. They are not saying it’s a 100% safe, but as long as you play on Valve servers you should be fine. My advise would be to not play the game for another day and see if they report anything in the mean time.

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