Do you ever feel 'Spoilt for choice' with HM? Too many methods? Whats your favourite?

I love this game, I feel like I can play it forever, however I am curious to hear how others play? It’s ‘your playground’ as the game suggests but I always feel like I am not accomplishing enough until I do every challenge and at times that can feel like a box ticking task.

How do others play this game? Do you ever just take a machine gun and kill every soldier in site? Do you try and sleek your way to your targets? Do you ever just keep changing disguise and try all the interactive environments?

I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of the escalations but I like the custom made contracts where you have a license to cause havoc.

Interested to get comments on this!

Honestly depends on my mood.I usually start out trying to be stealthy as possible. Then inevitability, once $h!t hits fan , change up the strategy and tend to get a little more murderous.The more i have had to restart a save, or more frustrated i am on a level, the more npcs die. If everything goes smooth , less people die. If there has to be a bloodbath, then so be it! I can enjoy it either way . The way it was intended, or if it has to be kill or be killed.

I always feel like there’s too many ways to get the main targets killed, and of course that adds a menu of choice to your decision but I’m always left wondering what If i try it that way.

I really like the proxy killer one on Mumbai however; very clever.

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Ahh yes…it is a step above the one in Bangkok where jordan kills ken morgan.

I’m not really a contract player, i can just play the missions over and over, each time is different and i try something new, i mainly play suit only, so it’s fun to find new ways to do it in my suit, even if it means knocking 20 people out :smile: i always aim for SA. For me, disguises make the game too easy and I never use them, but of course it’s up to the player how they make the game challenging for themselves

Agreed i gave up on the grind for the contracts tool box after 26. I’ll get it eventually. I think the hitman series are great games and offer a lot of different ways to play no matter what your preferred style is!

I just try to keep cycling between fiber wire, Silverballer, accident, poison, sniper rifle, knife and explosive kills. Versatile assassin way is the most fun way for me.

My LEAST favorite has to be sniper kills.


I sometimes feel too few methods in a single run due to the limited loadout! I wouldn’t mind if we got an ICA drone delivery of an extra equipment mid game, lol.

Probably the method I do the most when replaying levels and attempting multiple options is the propane flask. I love this one! Especially detonating it with remote controls or a sniper shot.
My suit-only run in Isle of Sgail was 100% propane flasks. Last one detonated with a sniper shot from the tower.

When new on a map, I like following more the story missions and step by step and take a feel for the place, the targets and the opportunities.

After that, I just stick with more accidental ways of eliminating targets. I like those because it doesn’t make anyone aware of your presence in any way. In occasions, it tends to be more hilarious than brutal and shocking.

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Yeah a new map is fun to just take in. The first time i played the bank level i really just went around and got disguises. Taking it in floor by floor.

hey guys!!!

My favorite by far is to snipe the target. Unfortunately SA while sniping the target is mostly impossible, unlike in Hitman2:Silent assassin, or Hitman:Contracts and Hitman:BloodMoney.

Partialy due to how gameplay works and of course the bug, when npcs instantly know your position even when you hit your target from very far, with suppressor on…


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Exactly why its my least favorite!!! Having to snipe ones target in front of me 2 ft away , after being ko ed , then quickly stashed in a bin for challenge defeats a purpose of a long distance kill. And the normal shitty A I , suddenly have pin point accuracy on my location is also, no fun.

I think if we were given other ratings we wouldn’t be as bothered about SA, say like we got ‘Sniper Assassin’ in the rating screen, it’d feel better than getting 3 or 4 stars

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Ratings, ratings - I personally was happy with the system that cared about, alerts, nontarget kills, witnesses and bodies found (like in Blood money)

But I understand. People started perfecting the gameplay, releasing videos of people going all game SA with acsidents only. Heck didnt even use disguises mostly.

Amazing as it is, it clearly did send wrong message about how majority of people likes to play Hitman, as apparent on Absolution’s direction.

While equivallent of that would be say DOOM2016 made to appeal to speedrunners only - cause clearly everybody enjoys, glitching thru walls and finishing games in 26minutes, right? RIGHT? …no not at all.

And sometimes this shines thru even in HITMAN in a form of going overboard with all kinds of ratings to the degree it basically forces players to do acsident runs all the time, cause everything else is just “not good enough”

While maybe as counterargument they created separate Sniper missions which AGAIN miss the mark for me. I dont want to snipe everything in sight. I want to snipe propperly in main game campain, and when I do it right I want SA rating, that’s all.

To be honest the way sniping started working few months after HITMAN2 released, It had kinda put me off.

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favourite? I have a compulsion to use the secret access tunnels in levels like Whittleton Creek and Hawk’s Bay, I could repeat theses routes and it never gets old but I have to force myself to mix it up!

It’s also really hard to pass up on gassing the house in Whittleton Creek for one of the targets, doesn’t get old either

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My first run on a level is always SA SO. After, I do an exploratory run with all the outfits I need. Do a few “story” assassinations. Later the real fun begins. I use impractical but cool weapons often. I am also obsessed with the ides of using every single item in every single mission. Yesterday I spent hours just putting the remote emp device on every surface that could possibly work. Youre right though. I could play this game until the end of time and Id still have things to do.

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I really love explosions. :slight_smile:
I particularly love explosions, fires, or electrocutions happening some distance from me while I act casual. :laughing:

there’s a secret tunnel in Hawke’s Bay or am I misreading that???