Do You Need DLC Help on Xbox?

First off I need to be clear I’m not IO staff. I’m another player on Xbox One, noticing a surge of new forum users from Xbox One reporting their recently installed DLC not working…
Side note: as I’m typing this and checking the MS store I’m noticing my own copy of Hitman 2 is saying (in the store) that I can buy it… When I know for a FACT I do own it. So I think Microsoft is having store problems… But back to the core issue…

  • make sure (double check) ur system is up to date
  • did you install your first version of Hitman from Game Pass /Game Pass Ultimate or perhaps Xbox gold? If so was it “The Complete First Season”?
  • if you DID install ur first hitman 2016 or 2018 (either) from one of the passes I’ve mentioned you need to go check the pass to make sure it is still on the list (right now I’m not showing it on either Pass).
  • if this is what is happening, let me elaborate. You got a copy of the game for (virtually) free but the product was taken off the Game Pass (where u installed from) temporarily.
    When you install a game from the Passes, your account is granted the DIGITAL LICENSE for the content, which you have free access to as long as you keep subscribed to Game Pass + the exact product installed REMAINS on the list of games offered by the current pass.
    So if all this is what’s happening; If it IS removed from the Game Pass list from whence you installed it, it SAVES your career progress (including rewards unlocked).

Now I hope this ISN’T what is occurring for you since it took me a month to figure it out myself (even with both support teams (confused)). Before it happened to me the month prior to losing the license (while everything was fine) I pursed & installed DLC including Expansion Pass/All free packs (ie winter sports)/Legacy/… And the hitman 2 hawks Bay free trial. All of it was totally functional and playable until literally the last 2 days of the month, suddenly Game Pass took “Complete 1st Season” off Game Pass, so it revoked my digital license for the base game which made all other content null (well almost all… For some reason SOME missions, specifically the tutorial and all of Paris was available to me the whole month while not being authorized digitally. This one I cannot explain. Nor could either Xbox or IO customer support figure this. They had me do everything except reset my console to factory settings but it WOULD NOT WORK until the exact product I originally installed was put back on Game Pass literally the following month (all without any notice at the time). Even then however, I had to wipe all hitman content from my drive once it was back on Pass AND USING A FRIEND’S DISC before the game and all content worked again.
Bottom line, don’t install via Passes. I hope this isn’t occurring for anyone else but in case it is… Im available to chat


I have always found the Xbox shop confusing in that way going back all of the four years I’ve owned an Xbox One.

Sometimes weird things happen with the installations, lost access to this, that and the other for 24 hours for no apparent reason. Franz, I think, missed an ET due to being unable to access a legacy map. Uninstalling the early-access sniper assassin game stopped access to things both times I did that but it happened at other points, too.

So, any advice on this is helpful!

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