Do you notice any big missed opportunities in the missions?


It would have been fun to drive Silvio Caruso completely insane in Sapienza, either to the point of catatonia or mania.

EDIT: I mean kill opportunities.


Being able to cause a riot in Marrakesh, and have the crowds storm the embassy.


Depends on what you mean. There are a lot of “hidden opportunities” (kills that could have easily been made opportunities, so to speak) such as to enter the auction as Mr. Reaper or call emergency evacuation on Paris, dressing as consulate intern outside the embassy in Marrakesh or kill pretty much anyone in Colorado with the explosive watch.

If you mean actually creating something new… well I am not creative for these sort of scenarios, but I do want to see the “deleted” plate-carrying opportunity for Zaydan occur one day.


Can’t you already enter the auction as Mr Reaper? There is a blend spot where he sits down with his tablet, I’m guessing you mean giving him the ability to make bids?


The ability to lay unconscious bodies on the mortuary trolleys so they wouldn’t be noticed by other NPC’s. Massive opportunity missed there in my opinion.


I would have loved to have been able to drive both Sean Rose and Ezra Berg to madness with hallucinogenics, causing them to kill one another, themselves, or Penelope Graves.

I was disappointed that we couldn’t get Ezra Berg to be run over by the lawnmower. To me, that was an obvious miss on their part. That would have been so cool. Maybe then you could get Penelope to walk alone or something.

Also would have loved to start riots in Marrakesh, causing a target to be trampled to death. Also, getting the helicopter to crash into the embassy would have been neat.

Hokkaido, I would have liked one or two more ways to kill Soders like slitting his throat or jamming a rubber duck into his mouth or using a scalpel to cut his stomach open. That’s just wishful thinking though.

I think that’s it for my wish list.


not sure if this one counts but i wouldve like to Seen a more personal kill for soders. Instead he just recognizes 47 and then just dies


You should mention this to the developers, it’s a great idea for the next game.


Marrakesh would be a good place to implement something Absolution had, the SWAT team in Chinatown when causing mayhem/killing the police officers.

With this mechanic, a single brilliant contract was created. This has to be one of the best Hitman videos I’ve ever seen.


Speaking of which… I didn’t think about it until you mentioned it, but if you kill Smith in Hokkaido and you alert guards to the area they’ll put him in body bag. Haha.


Not being able to wear Ezra Berg’s outfit is the biggest missed opportunity.

I don’t think there is anyone who sees that outfit and doesn’t get excited about wearing it after taking him out. In every Twitch stream I’ve watched in which someone plays Colorado for the first time, the player is massively disappointed when they kill Ezra and discover they can’t put on his mask.


Another one, for me, was the Icon outfit in the Sapienza Bonus episode.
But really, the guy is dead, so what would be the point of using the disguise? Meh… Still woulda been cool.
Then again, if he was just knocked out… Hmm… :thinking:


Using flooding sinks to drown people.


In Sapienza, being able to get down and dirty with Francesa De Santis as the golf coach


Oh man i totally remember that. They should’ve brought that back. Although you don’t have as much health like in absolution. Would’ve been nice to see again and improve on.


So many missed opportunities in marrakech and Colorado.
Marrakech: Starting a riot to kill strandberg
Using the intern outfit for a private “interview” with strandberg.
Maybe an having strandberg try to escape the map

Colorado: (apologies i don’t remember all target names so well)
Helping the guy getting interrogated Get revenge on ezra
Ezra getting ran over by a lawn mower
Make it so the you can use the scarecrow disguise to snap someones neck standing to close
Make it so the target with prothestic arm walks into the firing range at the wrong time


Mentioned it several times but the ability to double kill Cross & Morgan when pushing Cross off of the roof & timing it with Morgan below. Currently Morgan is invincible to glass.


That would be awesome! 47 grabs the megaphone from the protester and says “We need to use the bathroom.” Everyone storms the embassy and lines up to use the bathroom.


It would have been pretty easy too! You should just fire a shot over the crowd. But it should also be easy to mess up. Like if protestors saw you doing it and you were in a soldier disguise they would come after you in addition to the embassy…

Or it should also be possible to do this disguised as a rioter and throwing a molotov at the embassy gate. :slight_smile:

In Sapienza I would have liked to be able to tell Francesca about the lock of hair as the Detective, or to have a more active role in the Biolab (eg: If 47 disguises himself as another Scientist coming in to help out Silvio and Francesca).


I must admit I initially thought you could chain the Gramphone and the Plague Doctor Challenges so that Silvio goes bonkers… attacks the Psychiatrist or Francesca… then gets gunned down by his own men or something… or jumps off a cliff.