Do you notice any big missed opportunities in the missions?


You can sit down and blend in as Mr Reaper but you cannot make any bids. You can only make a bid when you are disguised as the Sheik to get Dalia in her private office.

It’s apart of the Challenge where you need to be greeted as Mr Reaper by Dalia and then you kill her with a silenced pistol (I think?)


You can pass Francesca the hair sample as security.


Yeah, but right now it only results in a “Why, Thank you, good sir.” thing. I wanted to be involved in her revenge plans. :stuck_out_tongue:


Could be a fun one if it was done well. Only issue is story wise 47 is trying to prevent the riot so triggerig it is kind of counterproductive. The fact that you can poison the main protester makes me think that they planned it at some point and then cut it.


Yes it would’ve been cool to make them storm the embassy, but I guess it must be a nightmare for every programmer. Even if the storming of the embassy happened in a cut scene it would’ve changed a large part of the map.

But overall the protest feels a bit lack luster. You have this crowd of angry people who want to lynch Strandberg right next to the embassy and they keep their door wide open? With nothing but a few waist-high blockades between them and the mob? And everybody can just walk in and out without even getting insulted by the protesters?

That really ruins a lot of the atmosphere.


In the Italy map it would be nice if you could give Francesca the custom poison vial instead of the hair sample and when she goes to destroy it in the fire it-it explodes and releases the cloud of smoke killing her.


I think a lot of us spent quite a while trying to find a way to release the virus in Sapienza while wearing the hazmat suit, in the hopes that it would kill everyone in the underground layer, a bit like that Mookraker scene:

Disappointed that we couldn’t, especially since they spend so long talking about what a catastrophe it would be if the virus were to be out in the open…




Sorry for bumping up an old thread but I didn’t know where else to post this and didn’t want to make another thread.

BUT… for the Colombia mission, does anyone else find it weird that 47 takes a selfie with Delgado’s wife when disguised as “P Power?”

Not only is that out of character for 47 (yes, I know, ironically he had to do it to stay “in character” but don’t you think the “missed opportunity” should have been to retrieve and destroy her phone? (If of course you did that opportunity)

I mean, he takes a selfie with her and then just goes to Rico for the tattoo/kill. Now, think about it…

This man (47) was the last person to be with Rico alone. A “tattoo artist” eventually, someone is gonna stumble upon his body and realize Rico was killled with a tattoo ink pen. “P Power” is nowhere to be found… ODD.

Now, if and when police are called, yep you guessed it… we have a clear photo of the last man to be seen with him. Don’t you think they would have broadcast that selfie all over the news???
(Then, also realizing it was not the real P Power)

I don’t know, I just think that is really odd. I personally think (if we chose to do this opportunity as “P Power” we should have had an added objective to retrieve the Wife’s cell phone. Much like how we had to retrieve the necklace from Vinnie Sinistra’s wife from Blood Money.

Again, I think this should have been an added objective in order to complete the mission, BUT ONLY IF we went that route of course. Thoughts??


Yes. 1,000% yes. In fact, this was my method during my very first run, and I thought I had to knock her (Rico’s wife) out and grab her phone to keep SA.

Disappointed you didn’t have to. I’m cool with 47 doing it, but at least destroy the evidence mannnnn


Exactly!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed this. I really like this opportunity but it just bugs the holy hell out of me that we don’t have to retrieve the phone. Do you think this could eventually somehow be implemented into the game? @Travis_IOI (only for this opportunity though, of course) because in its current state, not only is it ridiculous, but extremely out of character for 47. I’m not against him doing the selfie, he could have blown his cover if he refused, but god damn… GET THE EVIDENCE!!!


Doubt it.

This will probably remain the thing that, in 20 years from now, us old folks will still remember and gripe about


Lol damn I hope not. I personally don’t think that it would require much (then again I know nothing about making video games lmao) but the way I see it…

Just for this opportunity (and I can’t stress that enough) once the selfie is taken

Diana: Nice move, 47. Way to stay in character. However, make sure you retrieve that cell phone before you extract. We can’t afford to leave a trail.

MISSION UPDATED :white_check_mark:: Retrieve the cell phone from Rico’s wife.

Catalina Delgados Cell Phone

Catalina Delgados cell phone. Contains a selfie photo of herself and 47 disguised as “P Power.” Incriminating evidence to say the least.


They had the opportunity to get Rocco’s sister to kill Andrea Martinez



Uhhh, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?


Every time I pretend I’m Roberto and get Francesca de Santis to see me in her bedroom… I think of missed opportunities… :stuck_out_tongue:


Date rape would be a bit too controversial for Hitman.


I was thinking more along the lines of…

I always wanted to tell Francesca that with what she knows she can have a future in our Agency’s Weapons Division. :wink:


I like your thinking, even though it would make the game harder (and I’m rubbish, so I generally never want to increase the difficulty!) You do have the option NOT to take the selfie (and Catalina has a dialogue line for it), but it would be interesting if by not taking the selfie that suddenly made Catalina officially “suspicious” or similar.


See i think that when I’m on the streets and the npc is taking pictures/selfies. Imagine how much harder this game would be if those counted as recordings.

Would be interesting.