Do you notice any big missed opportunities in the missions?


I think missed opportunities are clearly in Colorado more than any mission, as you can tell some content was cut. For example, just in front of the scarecrow the lights get highlighted in instinct and there is water on the ground. It is also an area where penolope goes through and talks to people on the route. It was clearly meant to be an eletric kill, but got cancelled before the game came out.


Miami is such a perfect level, but there could have been a potentially interesting opportunity involving the press wanting information out of Robert Knox. Imagine giving the blackmail files to the press and causing Knox to freak out.


While I agree it’s weird he took the photo, I think retireving the phone would do little good to fix the problem. Wouldn’t she imeediatly put that photo on Instagram? I guess we will just have to write it off as “he knew his hat and glassss would provide enough cover to not get him into trouble”


Or it was put there for contracts options. I’m not saying you are incorrect. I just have noticed a lot of speakers, chandeliers, FEs, and other accidents that are not directly useful for the targets.


In real life? Perhaps lol but for the games sake? I just think retrieving the phone would have been a better choice than having how it is now. But like @JJoa74 mentioned, I noticed other NPC’s in other levels that take selfies as well. I just try to avoid being in their range when they do so because having them count as “recordings” would be a royal pain in the ass lol While it would make sense to do so, I’m strictly just talking about this opportunity in specific, seeing it’s an opportunity that’s part of the main story mission, it should have more focus in regards to the selfie.


By NOT taking the selfie, I meant the player has the option to not do this opportunity. But if the player chooses to go this route, then you would have to take the selfie like the game intended. However this is when the “added objective” to retrieve the phone would come into play. That’s all I was trying to say.


Well you can’t even use them for contracts, the lights while highlighted in instinct, do nothing even if you shoot them. So it suggests to me content was cut but they forgot to unhighlight it in instinct.