Do you still play GTA?

i think GTA 4 and GTA 5 are the best. some people say the other GTA games did not age well do you agree with that? i can still play vice city but of course the graphics look nothing like GTA4.

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I used to play a lot GTA 5 on Playstation. Got all the trophies in the story mode but I couldn’t get much interest in online play.
Now that you mention I want to play GTA 4. I only went thru the story once back in 2011 I think and never played since.
Instead the old ones are still fun to play.


I play GTA 4 more than I play GTA 5. I haven’t even touched 5 in over a year, because of all the bullshit they add


And it hasn’t got any better. (Only a few glitches to easy money)

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I love playing GTA SA, and GTA Online, But my biggest gripe is the shark cards


I finished story mode in GTA IV about 9 or 10 times.
My favorites are Vice City,San Andreas and IV and I still play them ocasionally


5 has grown a bit old for me but I think I’m just tiring of the gta formula.

I’ve been back to San Andreas & Vice City & while messing around & listening to the music was fun I didn’t find myself hooked into the missions.

If I have an urge to play any Gta’s though I usually stick on 2 or 3.

I love the simplicity of 3 & that it’s not bogged down by story & characters with a moral compass. A silent protagonist works great.

Then 2 has the most non linear structure of missions. Getting to choose which gang you work for & betraying them & going to work with another.

Plus the art style/top down visuals. It’s part the nostalgic feeling part simple gameplay that still holds up :slight_smile:

Vice City and San Andreas are still miles ahead of GTA V. Till this day I still rather play the classics than V. GTA IV and EFLC are also excellent games.

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The series is dead to me. R* killed it.

5 is most likely the worst out of the 3d/hd universe. Terrible story, not much to do, op police ai that’s not fun to play with, the map makes no sense. I was a massive Rockstar fanboy for years and V turned me off them completely.

4 was great in terms of technology/fun balance. Police had good ai and was fun to mess around with.

The series peaked at San Andreas/Vice City and I doubt it will ever live up to that standard again, esp with Benzies leaving.

Scarface and Sleeping Dohlgs are objrlectively better GTA games than 4 or 5.

I’ll occasionally play Online when an update drops, to check out new stuff, but the trolls and griefers with rocket bikes and army jets make it mostly unplayable.

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That shit really fucking angers me, especially since there’s a penalty for destroying someone’s personal vehicle


I will pop in GTA IV or the classic 3D Era titles such as VC or SA, but GTA is something I don’t play much now. It’s a series I grew up being exposed to is at a very young age, but I didn’t quite understand it back then so it never stood out. I had a later appreciation for GTA IV, SA, and VC because of how much of a classic they became. I definitely appreciate having mobile ports of SA and VC since they provide some good fun while traveling great distances as long as your device can handle it.

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My favorite is GTA4. I haven’t replayed it in a while, but unlike some people I liked the “back to basics” feel of the missions, the more realistic feel, the heavier physics and the Northeast U.S. location. I liked GTA5 a lot too of course, just a little less so. The older ones are classics but I haven’t gone back to them in a while, just because there are so many good open world action games to play now and it’s not my favorite genre.


Yup, mostly Arena wars, cuz it’s fun, or Ballad of Gay Tony.

other than that, Vice city is/ was the best for me.
Honestly, I’d like to play a bit more on online, but I always end up in an empty lobby, because I can’t handle idiots…so it gets boring quickly.

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You don’t say. I have been kicked out in some lobbies with few players. I didn’t even do anything to them. Most of them abused the system to get rid of any possible competitor of their ‘money-grinding’ works, resulting in lots of empty lobbies.

I now only log on to check daily objectives, spin the wheel in the casino, complete weekly time trials, and that’s probably it. I don’t even bother to get into public lobbies anymore, it hurts me mentally to deal with other players.

Well in some cases it’s completely understandable.
You just can’t know, if the random person that joined, will try to ruin your selling mission or not. So far I’ve been asked to change lobbies, or got kicked, or flat out asked, can they do their bussines without me attacking.

Then, there are the newbies, who quit in midmatches, or just doesn’t understand the rules and try to stop their own team. (I’ve lost too many Bomb Ball matches because of this…)

The worst for me is when you just want to try out your freshly bought car. Driving around, maybe joining a car meet, then some 12 years old fucker on oppressor coming to blow shit up. With no real reason, and their answers will be like this: noob and cry.

What I do , is looking for lower level individuals and helping them. (heists, selling whatever.) After a few minutes you can see if they are genuine people or just some kids with anger issues.

Rockstar fucked their own game though. Back in the starting days it was somewhat balanced and you could fight back, so it was even fun sometimes to teach them a lesson if you wanted.

The point they started introducing all the weaponized vehicles, super armors, tracking rockets, army equipment into freeroam, game completely went to shit.

Should’ve gotten more Lowriders, Bikers and actual crime related content. I don’t even care if it’s still expensive and have to be unlocked through buying warehouses or whatever, but willingly fucking up your own game like that just to make 12 year olds happy is exactly the opposite i’d expected from Rockstar.


I think the real problem is the money glitches. (Doomsday Act II or PAC Standard)
There are way too many people who joins the game for killing others… claiming GTAO is a PVP game.
so they are constantly asking for RP to level up and money to buy something with homing missile and heavy armor.
Especially in freemode.

And with the Casino update they screwed over the passive mode too, so you are way more vulnerable than before.

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yup i remember reading the story about lesile benzies leaving rockstar games im not really sure why he did i would have to look it up. but to the best of my knowledge he is a major video game developer and was a major asset to making the GTA series what it was.

The Housers basically forced him out through some shady shit. Bastards.

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