Do you still play GTA?

I still play Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories on my PS2, with VCS being my favourite.

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“One last chance for Lance Vance Dance!”

Yeah, it was fun and good memory! :blush:

“LAAAAAANCE. You prick!!!”

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The Vice City vibes are the best. Feels like living in the 80’s (again). :heart_eyes:


in vice city and san andreas you can shoot peoples heads off. i dont think that happens in gta4 or gta5. but gta4 and gta5 have the better graphics.

Wait till GTA VI. You can blow off NPC’s heads with a shotgun in RDR2. It will happen in GTA VI, 100%. Shooting someone in the face with a automatic shotgun will destroy someone’s head. Or even better, unloading a minigun into someone’s corpse…

I played a fair amount, but they keep adding new things to Online and nothing to single player, and it just all feels like grinding for nothing. Red Dead Online has the same problem tbh, the world just doesn’t feel as alive as it does in single player, but all the new toys are for online only.


Housers are responsible for story and radio content, but Benzies was essentially the brain behind all the world building, features, ideas that made up the meat of the games.

Tis is a good article about what was going on between them here.


You could blow off npc’s heads in SA and Vice City. It hasn’t shown up since then, unless you really wanna RDR2. Which tbh RDR’s world was always more grim than gta’s I guess I just don’t expect that level of gore to return to a gta game is what i’m Saying.

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In GTA 3, on PC you could dismember the pedestrians. This can be done in RDR2 with the shotgun…
yet somehow I can’t see this happening in the GTA universe again… you know, SJWs and all that nonsense.

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It has literally nothing to do with “SJWs”.


Dude, you better stop.
I don’t care what problem you’ve got with me, but you should leave me alone.

Also, there’s a reason why it disappeared, Rockstar has an agenda with it.
also after recent stuff like this:

my remark is relevant.
Also, i feel sorry for you to not able to take a joke.

Erm, what? The fuck did that come from? :thinking:

Why do you assume it is down to SJW’s of all things? It was the conservative nutjobs that always had it out for GTA, not the liberals…

And what on Earth does Trump saying that recently, have to do with GTA not having dismemberment when the last game was released in 2013?

Have you taken leave of your senses?


Complaining about SJWs requires a certain level of cognitive dissonance


Ever since I registered here, you had not one good word towards me. Not one.
Only responses in descending manner.

The GTA franchise always had its fair share of controversy:

  • sometimes politicians used it as an bad example
    -parents blamed the game for their kid’s agressive behaviour
  • there is a buzzfeed video of feminists bashing GTAV (the origin of ‘this is the male fantasy’ meme)
  • now Trump (more like his minions) starting to pull this nonsense
  • there are countries that censored games in order to be politically appropiate

All I’m saying, there will be snowflakes, who’s going to protest against pointless stuff; such as a cool tiny feature like dismembering a pedestrian in Liberty City.

Please link me to a single source of a “snowflake” protesting dismemberment in a GTA game.


Sorry about that, but I honestly don’t remember a single one.

9 times out of 10 the people that complain about SJWs and political correctness are just mad they can’t say the n-word


not dismemberment per se, but i just typed words into google and voilà:

Also, you guys can make fun out of me by complaining about SJWs, but they are (among many other) reasons why there are (were and will be) so much controversy around games.
they are just ruining the fun for others.