Do you think the new multi-player HITMAN-like IP going to be competitive, Fortnite-like HITMAN or cooperative HITMAN or Both?

The advertisement of positions at the new IO Malmo suggests a multiplayer Hitman like game. I assume it will have elements of multi-player ghost mode and Hitman social stealth. In the same way that assets from Titanfall were used to generate Apex Legends.

A) Will it be like Payday - where there are two competitive teams, one infilitration team, one defense team – such as to the vault of the NY bank location?

B) Will it be Hitman Battle Royale – where it is everyone for themselves in a combined shooter, social stealth game?

C) Will it be also a cooperative game, where players work together running individual agents with different abilities (eg. Phantom Pain) against NPC bots?

D) Will it be all the three above where you can play single and multiplayer, against NPC bots or other teams?

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None of those. I expect something that builds on the assymetrical multiplayer concepts from the Kane and Lynch games.

Hitman Battle Royale, no doubt

Is there any news on what the game from IO Malmö will be? or is it just speculation that it will be tied to Hitman. I think it will be a new IP, something that isn’t Hitman.

they said it’s a new IP. no details about it yet. doesnt seem tied to Hitman

Mini ninjas Mk2 :sunglasses:

Never played Kane and Lynch. What are the assymetrical multiplayer concepts in Kane and Lynch.

Don’t forget that IO lost the rights on Kane & Lynch and Mini Ninja since Square Enix split. They can use only HITMAN, Freedom Fighters or create a new IP ofc.

I rather see something new from IO then Hitman multiplayer, something with a singleplayer campaign.

They are hiring a bunch of multiplayer devs so i think it may be multiplayer

IOI are making a multiplayer Hitman-like IP.

It possibly it could be free-to-play with real dollars to cosmetics like costumes.

They could port ideas from Kane and Lynch without using Kane and Lynch per se.

I need a source for this, we are aware they are hiring multiplayer programmers. But it doesn’t equal it’s tied to Hitman. There is still no news on what the game is.


When I talk about Kane and Lynch I’m talking about expanding on the concept and designs of said games, not saying it’s in the same IP :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean personally i’d love an AC wanted style multiplayer pvp mode or just straight up add 2 player coop to the hitman maps they’ve already made with one person playing as agent 47 and the other playing as the shadow client.

I understood it like that. It was just a reminder :stuck_out_tongue:

Not just that, they have now an entire Esport Club, the most important of denmark, inside their offices :joy:

Yeah I know they made a partnership with Copenhagen Flames, but I’m more talking about needing a source for the claim it’s Hitman related multiplayer game.

When I said I hope for it to be tied to a story based game, I didn’t mean it was going to be. But I rather have a singleplayer game then another attempt for something E-sports related. It’s a tough market to get into.

I understood it like that. It was just a reminder.

I think David_Spafford doesn’t have a source, it just about probability and capacity. There is a 90% chance that he is right about that.

Nobody wanted to believe me when I announced 7 months before a 1v1 in Hitman in june 2019 but I just had to look carefully at their job offers and their activities (in particular, ioi_christianco tech talks).

Just putting it together:

a) IOI are hiring for a multiplayer IP
b) Profits from multiplayer Battle Royale games are high. Even with a small fraction of profits of a Fortnite, would exceed Hitman 2’s profits.
c) They have beta tested multiplayer mode in Hitman 2, albeit a ghost mode.
c) IOI has perfected the social stealth genre, with programmed behavior of crowd and NPC bots, and lots of practice in developing strategic maps and populating locations with usuable objects, items, NPCs. It seems logical to assume that they IOI are generating a competitive HITMAN like game.

The Noclip documentary has revealed that Malmo is working on something “entirely new”.

I doubt it’ll be anything like Hitman. They’ve got Hitman if they want to work on something like Hitman. Mini Ninjas proved that they’re willing to work on games very far removed from Hitman, and I don’t see why we should think they’re not working on something similarly different.