Do you think the unresolved plots of the series will ever be resolved?


I’m talking about the Mystery Man from Hitman 2, Birdie and the detective from Absolution. These were clearly stories that IO intended to continue at the time but that for some reason left unresolved. It would be really cool to see these characters come back in some way and ideally they should be integrated into the story but since this is probably not the direction IO wants to take the game into, at least having them appear as elusive targets or in some side campaign similar to Patient Zero would be good. What do you think should these plots even be resolved or are they better left in the past?


Mystery Man, probably. In fact, I have reason to believe he is in Hitman 6.


The detective… Not that I’m hoping to see a return or cameo from him, but it’d be alright. But I can’t see him being a target for a hit. Not unless he digs too deep… or goes too far.

Now Birdie, I would like to see him again. 'Not sure if he should be an asset or a target though. Maybe in Season 2, somewhere in Mexico (that whole filthy bus seems to fit right in with something you’d see in Mexico -I’d guess, and not meaning to stereotype in any way…) As for not being sure about him being an asset or target… That would depend on the HITMAN timeline. If it’s after Absolution, then he should be a target. If it’s before, then an asset… Someone that helps, etc.

As for the mystery man… That’s obviously the Shadow Client… I mean, I’d assume he is.

As for being resolved… Hard to say.


Considering the Bond-like approach of game’s writers and the plot of 007: Specter, I assume that events of all previous games and jobs will turn out to be the work of Providence and Shadow Client (incl. Sergei Zavorotko, Franchise clones and Blake Dexter). Which means that Mystery Man may turn out to be Providence Agent/Shadow Client and appear before 47 confessing in all of this.


So IOI will be going full Kojima?


I really hope the Shadow Client really does turn out being the “Mystery Man” and not a brother of 47. It would make a lot more sense imo.

Now other characters like Birdie and Cosmo Faulkner? I wouldn’t say I’d be disappointed if they never returned. However, I do believe IO should clear up that cliffhanger from Abs.

If season 2 really does have more ET’s I think they should somehow fit Birdie and Faulkner into be ones. That or they could add a “bonus mission” where it’s either two separate missions where you kill one and then the other.

Or make one stand alone mission, where they are both the targets. Maybe something similar to Sniper Challenge. I’m sure IO could think of something.

It could be more future content for season 2 and a “cliffhanger” would finally be put to rest.


As for the Faulkner and the Birdie, I think these two deserve a bonus mission at the very least or an actual mini campaign a la “Patient Zero”.

Bonus Campaign called “Loose Ends” that is set before Season 1 and lets 47 loose on the trail of Birdie who is hiding and Faulkner who is planning to make investigation info public. 3-4 missions with following objectives: find out Birdie’s whereabouts from his henchmen and eliminate these henchmen, eliminate Faulkner and retrieve/destroy investigation files, find Birdie himself and shut him down for good.

It would make a really fun little campaign.


I imagine that S2 and S3 include Legacy-like cinematic intros which will feature some of the here mentioned characters with today’s graphic in the scenes from older games. This way we learn to know how they look like in this game and are able to connect them with ther ingame appearance later.

This would be an elegant way to introduce Mystery Man because if we see a new guy in just another suit with a name we never heard before we could not be sure it is him. But if we see him in such a retro cinematic we can be sure.


At this point I am pretty convinced that The Constant is Mystery Man. A more likely scenario than the Shadow Client.


Tbh I doubt IO’s even considering bringing back Mystery man.
I doubt we’ll ever hear about him again but I hope I’m wrong


I don’t get the Birdie/Cosmo thing.

It’s been 7 years.

They’re dead.

A prequel campaign could work but we’d have to go over half a decade back, which I can’t see working.


True, but what does that matter? The Shadow Client was watching 47 for decades. Sure time has past, but IO could make it work.

Just because it’s been seven years doesn’t mean Birdie hasn’t been watching in the shadows and it also don’t mean Faulkner gave up. He seemed pretty driven in his search in Abs

@Quinn possibly… only time will tell. Like Spodey said, maybe IO won’t even bring back Mystery Man all together. I hope that’s not the case but it is possible


I mean that 47 killed them already. There is no way he’d let them live that long (he killed a mailman for holding a letter).


Based on his look, his knowledge and his representation in the comics, I would assume that the Constant is obviously Mystery Man/Mr X. It makes the most sense. The Shadow Client is Subject 6.

Exactly. I think part of the reason to set HITMAN in 2019 is to allow Absolution’s plot to settle – Birdie/Faulkner etc. have been taken care of or moved on, and Victoria has grown up and is elsewhere. It’s all in the past.

EDIT: @Quinn I don’t know how this ended up being a reply to you lol


Absolution’s plot and characters, as far as I see, have been discontinued since the game’s overall reception. If the game turned out to be a success then we would’ve gotten more Cosmo and Birdie by now. And to be honest, I don’t miss them.


Okay, again… technically yes it’s been 7 years. But you know they could go back just like they went all the way back (20 years) in HITMAN’s prologue.

In season 2 they could have a Bonus Mission (More content is always a good thing) and right in the beginning of it, they could have it take place 1 year after Abs. (Blank years later, of just have it say 2013)

Yeah, 47 as a character would probably have taking care of them already by now, so why not for the sake of content have the players be able to play it. It could still be fun… besides it’s not the first time hitman went in the past.


When the Hitman franchise explores the past, it’s usually for reasons that are important to 47 – his origins, him almost dying etc. I don’t think Birdie or Faulkner matter enough to 47’s character development to warrant that kind of exploration. IO could go back to it, but it’s unlikely seeing as Absolution’s plot was not generally well received, as @Nazareth mentioned.


i agree with you. please Io, dont make the SC another brother - i would rather see that the Mysteryman is the Constant, as @Quinn stated, and the SC could be one of his Providence Agents who went Rogue, a bit like the Snowden Affair with the NSA.


If you’ve read the comics, the SC is another brother (Subject 6) . The comics are the new lore for the games.


I don’t care what the comics say lol I am NOT associating the comics with the video games. I just won’t! Lore or not!