Do you think the unresolved plots of the series will ever be resolved?


Yes, for me, only the Games are Canon, while the rest is like Star Wars Expanded Universe.



Books, comics, especially the movies… Hell No!!
Games only for me. I do however did enjoy the novel Enemy Within. It may not be canon, but I still did enjoy all the references and a look at 47’s “past” the comics though… I’m sorry, the story isn’t even good at all imo


What I mean is that this is what is going to happen in the games, whether we like it or not, because IO have stated that the comics will inform the background of the games. The comics are canon, so it’s useless to speculate about who the SC might be when we already know.


dont destroy my hopes and dreams :cry:


this is why I’ve been screaming about the comics into the void for the past six months lol – it’s unavoidable now


Diana: “Good evening, 47… We have noted some activity from after you averted the Nanomachine Virus plot of the Liberation cult.”

47: “Wait! The virus was made up of Nanomachines?”

Diana: “That’s right, 47.”

47: “Strange you never mentioned that before…”

Diana: “Nanomachines are commonplace in our world, 47. For example, they were used to create the inverted heart for Erich Soders.”

47: “They were?”

Diana: “Check your dossiers again. It’s there.”

47: “You’re right. But it feels patched in. I could have sworn there were no mention of Nanomachines before.”

Diana: “Don’t be silly, 47. Much of ICA’s attention has been dominated by Nanomachines. You yourself are made of them.”

47: “…”


I thought they were the same person at first but they seem like different characters. Shadow Client seems more like a vengeful character and has some history with 47 while Mystery Man seems like he controls things from the shadows to protect his own interests, he probably had something to do with the creation of the clones but i doubt he interacted with 47 much.

And yeah, Birdie and Cosmo are not particularly loved characters but i hate seeing unresolved plotlines. They’re probably dead by now as some have said but i can imagine them being pretty formidable foes for 47 since they have the police on their side and can potentially reveal 47’s identity to the public and expose the ICA .


The Shadow Client turns out to be (one of) 47’s fathers, and he can truly say…

“Nano machines, son!”



Does this series has a plot?
It became over when baldy snapped the neck of our beloved professor.


Although it would be nice, I think theres too many loose ends to tie up at this stage, and we’re talking 18 years since the first game was released a lots changed since the first game. Although integrating some of the old characters into season would be awesome!