Do you think we will have DLCs?

I’ve heard a lot of people say that they think there will be no maps dlc

i think that would be a very bad idea

being the last hitman in a while and with the formula in its best state, they should take advantage and make some dlcs

what do you think?

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Going by the physical preorder blog I can safely say that DLCs might not be for Hitman 3. I’m not saying there will ever not be any in the future, but to me it’s pretty finalized on what IOI wants to do with this game.


Will there be post-launch DLC? maybe, but smaller scale.

But entire new missions and locations? I thoroughly doubt it. If IO had anything like this planned, it would have been used to sell the deluxe edition


I think we get 2 dlcs packs summer bonus/PZ style with 3 H2 maps and 3 H3 Maps that’s it.

It’s not like 21 locations is enough amiright?

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As this game will be the final one of the trilogy and hence the end of the story, I think there won’t be any additional maps.
But I think we’ll receive probably even a lot of “small” DLCs, like additional suits and equipment, etc.
Maybe, maybe we could receive some side-story campaign based on existing maps. Just like Patient Zero campaign.
But in my opinion we won’t get a standalone map, like New York, just because of I said above


The fact that they don’t have to work on the next Hitman game immediately means they can support this one for a longer time and stay focused on making content for it. It would be a real shame not to since the time spent making the Bank and Haven missions was well worth the effort as they’re some of the best in either game.


I just hope we get Landslide 2.0. Even though the New Maps for Hitman 2 were great and I love both Haven and New York, I just like to revisit a already known Location, which is problably also the reason why I played Illusion of Grandeur more times than I problably should have. It’s closest Hitman 2 has to offer to a Bonus Mission, even though it’s not even close and the actual Mission there is problably the Second Worst.


Or maybe they want to stop the “expansion/season pass” model for real this time. I don’t see IOI not adding other major content post launch if the game sells well. I’m not talking about Live Content, but something like another smaller campaign (like PZ in the GOTY edition of H1).

In my opinion they just want to avoid the hassle induced by this type of model when your have 10 differents platforms (and stores that all work differently) where you want to ship your game… This time it’s clean, simple and understandable.


Just give us hitman 2018 19.99$ and hitman 3
19.99$ “Patient zero + Summer bonus mission”

No need to be new map

Just a day & night different time zone.

Hitman 2 already lack of that

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Looking at the amount of Steam reviews, it looks like Hitman 2 picked up a lot of steam (no pun intended) after 29 Oct 19, almost a year after launch.
I don’t think it’s unlikely for them to release DLCs and keep the game alive and updating some years after launch if there exists the opportunity to increase the userbase with late-comers.

The story is most certainly finished, so no new locations or continuations, but a Patient Zero style campaing might be a possibility.


That’s what I was saying in another topic some weeks ago, the last two Hitman games (after oct 2016 / nov 2018 releases) didn’t make the majority of their sales during the first months on Steam, which may have helped IOI to make the decision to go to Epic and get a quick income, and knowing that other players will buy on Steam a year later, like the previous games.