Does anyone else absolutely despise Hidden Valley?

Out of the entire Hitman franchise I think the worst level is Hidden Valley. If you aren’t a completionist this might not be such a big deal to you. You could very easily run and gun the entire level and get a terrible rating. But not only is this mission so unnecessarily hard but it’s buggy as hell too. I remember that most times a ninja would get hit by a truck and ruin your chances of getting Silent Assassin. And the level is very strict too. If you want to take a silent approach there is only 1 way to do it. You have to go in the tunnel and use the trucks (which are also buggy with getting spotted). I think this is the worst level of the entire Hitman franchise so far. Don’t get me wrong I love a good challenge but this level takes it to a whole different level of difficult.


I dunno – I’m one of those weirdos who loves the satisfaction of beating a level like that. It’s pretty much how I felt playing the entirety of Codename, but when I finally beat it to perfection I was very pleased with myself. Nearly broke my computer off the wall though.

I don’t remember that happening!

Happened a lot on PS2 version from what I remember. Might not be the same case for PC or the HD versions. But this mission is buggy nonetheless.

It happens on PC aswell.That’s basically one of the reasons why I always gave up with that level and never managed to get Silent Assassin on it.

It happens every time.

Most hate it, including myself.

I only bothered with it my first 2 playthroughs and avoid it as much as possible. The ninjas getting killed by trucks happened pretty frequently for me, though I managed to SA it on Professional at least.

It’s the most annoying Hitman level ever.

Hidden Valley

I’m getting PTSD from just reading this thread.
The freaking snipers man, I swear.

It’s like the best, worst mission in Hitman’s 15 years of the franchise.


"I’m freezing my nuts off in this tower… :expressionless: hmm there’s a ninja patrolling within a 500km radius of my tower… :unamused: I want to shoot him for no reason even though he has the correct uniform and weapon. :smiling_imp: "


They know!


Because, you are the only round eyed guard, so they have to check.

Am I the only one who thinks Hidden Valley is “overhated”? Sure, it is one of the worst levels in the franchise, but come on…it’s not that big of a deal.

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I don’t mind it. The AI is buggy and only works correctly half of the time but that’s for the entire game. The only bad part is the sniper “acquiring target”. That said, it is my least favorite level. It’s just not fun to play.

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It’s bad but I don’t think it comes even close to being the absolute worst Hitman level. I’d rather play Hidden Valley than Countdown, Find the U’Wa Tribe or Gunrunner’s Paradise.


Yeah, it’s a shitty level. And I love the jungle levels from Codename 47, though. I think infiltration levels are great to build up a target, but they have to be executed properly.

This is the level I was stuck on and forced me to shelf the game for a while. Finally around 2-3 years later I finally passed the damn thing and was able to beat the game.

Needless to say, yes, I really, really hate Hidden Valley.

What the hell are you doing here you bastard?


There is this trick that when the guards stop to check your id you can pull out the chloroform and give them a dose or two. Then run away. That is the trick which I heard people also use similarly for blood money.

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It’s more of a big deal if you’re trying to do a Silent Assassin ranking. Personally I just put on God Mode and run through it all to get to the end.

The mission does serve the purpose of showing how remote Hayamoto’s base of operations are/were.

Hidden Valley was annoying to me only at first, few years ago. Now it’s a challenge to beat it with SA. Also i do this without the truck help and suit only, since ninja disguise is useless anyway. Even if the bug occurs it does’t ruin SA to me because i aim at all zeros.
The true problem to me is the last tunnel route, when you have to sneak through 3 patroling guards to the last room with ladder going up. Sometimes they spawn with suitable distance between each other, sometimes it’s hard to walk behind one guard with the next guard not spotting you behind you. Then adrenaline goes up, and i fail usually.

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Hidden Valley was tolerable. It was just sort of, “in the way” to get to the next mission when playing it the first time. I liked the dark, snowy, cold atmosphere, though.

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For anyone having trouble with the last tunnel portion of Hidden Valley, here is how you get by: there are 5 guards and 2 walls, each guard is positioned so that you’ll be spotted if you try to get by. You have to create a disturbance to get them to move. I suggest running for a split second near the guards, that gets their attention and they change their positions which allows you to get by.

It’s a pretty simple mission, just takes persistence. I actually think Hitman 2 as a whole is overrated.