Does anyone know any ways to get Out of Bounds?

I’m just curious to see if anyone knows a way to get outside some of the maps in Hitman 2. Idk if there are any known methods yet, but if there are can someone tell me how to perform it. Like I said I’m just curious.

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MrFreeze2244, I think it was him, has a video of getting outside the limits of Hokkaido in HM2.

I think I know which glitch you’re talking about, but I believed they patched that one.

@White-Half has a video on how to get out of bonds in Miami by using a specific glitch in Contracts mode. Here’s the link:

Basically you have to enter the map in Contracts creation mode, mark and eliminate any target, and then head towards an exit. When the ‘exit mission’ prompt shows up, you have to pause the game while holding down the key to exit the mission. The game must be paused while the exit cutscene is playing for this to work.

In the briefing pause menu, you unmark the target and then unpause the game, letting the exit cutscene play until it ends. Once it ends the game is tricked into thinking the mission isn’t over since no target was registered as killed while you exit, and it drops you back into the level with full control of 47, and you are you able to explore any area that’s out of bounds.

The best way you can use this method is on the ambulance exit, which lets you explore the racing circuit and surroundings because most of it is solid when walking.

However this glitch only works best in Miami since it’s the only map where you are dropped with full control of 47 into an out of bounds area. On most of the other maps you are dropped out of bounds, but the camera gets locked into the last frame of the exit cutscene, which means that you can’t move around as normal and you are effectively barred from exploring too much. The HUD also disappears and 47 is harder to control.

Testing this glitch in Mumbai outright crashed my PS4 so I wouldn’t recommend it. Testing it on Whittleton didn’t take me outside of the map bounds, it only let me control 47 inside of the normal area you can always explore while also locking the camera.

Might sound convoluted at first but it’s easy once you get the hang of it. I use this glitch often to take screenshots, I think it’s really fun to do. Credit goes to @White-Half for discovering it and uploading it to YT.


Actually this glitch isn’t to bad. Thank you for showing me this @Tiki2970. The only thing I wonder is if I can do this on the legacy maps. Welp guess Im gonna find out

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Yes it can be done if you modify game files

What do you mean by that?

I found Moses Lee Playermodel outside the map



Did you already kill Sierra? The’re normally both there, hidden, while their cars are driven by someone else. Goddamn cheaters :laughing:


I know of this really easy out of bounds glitch in Sgail

I’m not sure if they fixed it or not, I haven’t tested in the latest game updates.

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where is this in the Isle of Sgail?

Just tested it again and they fixed it.

After watching new BedBananas video I wanted to get out of bounds in Miami, mainly to get on race track. The method linked by @Tiki2970 (unmarking target in contracts mode while using dolphin exit) seems to have been patched. I found two more videos with the same method that Bed used, but had no succes. Here are the links:

And the timestamped moment from Bed’s masterpiece (it’s at 3:11):

Does anyone has any idea what exactly are they doing? Or do you know any other way to go out of bounds in Miami?


Idk if this still works, but for a while there was a similar glitch to the dolphin exit one, but taken place at the ambulance exit instead. I liked this one because, it actually allowed you to explore (most of) the racetrack.

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Hmm, interesting. Did it work the same way?

Watched a Twitch stream earlier today where someone was getting consistently out of bounds across many maps by placing a briefcase by the boundary and throwing three muffins on it and laying a remote breaching charge nearby. Standing of the briefcase and detonating the charge was lifting him over the barrier with the briefcase so he could just walk over it.


Is there a clip of it?

It’s like the briefcase becomes a magic carpet

That person is Mr. Ding and it works like you described.

J8 figured out you can walk on breakables and I tested with the breifcase. Turns out it led to a lot of fun streams. Mostly in Miami where you can get on the race track.

There is still more to explore!