Does anyone know what font was used for old Hitman logos?

It looks like this.

I don’t know what it’s officially called, but I found the Silent Assassin font for free online under the name ‘hitmanfont’


It is Comic Sans.
No seriously looks like classic Times New Roman.

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I font an almost Identical font used in the Logo. “AmericanaStd” -what a scary name btw.

Only main difference is the spacing of the letters.

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Don’t worry it is a contraction for “Americana Standard”.

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Thanks man, you got what i need.

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i dont know how it’s called, probably just “better”.

I thought it was called Hot Topic’s New Roman?

Just wondering,
Does anybody know any fonts similar to the one use in the current games? Might use it for contracts and stuff.

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IO have said it’s Neue haas grotesk

That’s what I use for all my Hitman related stuff

Edit: Travis said back in 2015


My goodness me - all that writing and history for a typeface?

You never know what you can run on in this life, huh?

The classic one from the ‘old’ games is this one: Felix Titling