Does anyone knows All the Killing Methods?

I mean all the killing methods when creating a contract. (Poison, Consumed Poison, Injected Poison, Explosive Device, Drowning, etc…) Is there a list or something?

Also why there are certain tools that can be used as killing methods, like the “Explosive Pen” but others don’t, like RFID explosive, Baseball explosive, etc?

Any help would be appreciated

when doing contract search you have the list you can search for, I think this list excludes all of the specific melee kills though but it should tell you all you need to know


Ok this helps, thanks

I really think they should add more specific conditions when creating contracts tho

Also, as for the certain weapons having a separate killing methods and others don’t… As far as I know, every weapon has it’s own separate ‘killing method’. The exception are ranged guns (where you only see the category like pistols, shotguns etc.) and explosives. Because in case of explosives, arguably, it’s the explosion that kills, rather than the weapon itself. In case of Explosive Pen, it’s actually the pointy-stabey that kills, rather than the explosion. That’s why it counts - just like all other melee weapons. But if you just throw the pen next to the target and he dies from the explosion, it’s listed as “explosive device”, despite it being the pen.

Though, generally, yeah, I agree it doesn’t make much sense and even explosive should be named. But oh well, this is how it is…


Either great minds think alike or (more egotistically) I prompted your question! :smiley: I used the contract search list for my polls in “Yes and No” earlier on, those are the ones that are listed. I removed “duplicates” ie, the more general “poison” leaving the two more-specific “inject” and “consume” versions in the list. The melee kills needs a list of melee weapons by itself. Ditto each specific weapon. Then there are the unique kills. Very long list and that’s one of the aims of the game, I think.

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