Does Father Vittorio know 47 is a clone?

Just noticed, when 47 is talking with him he says he is not from this world. I wonder if he does know 47’s actual identity

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I personally don’t think he knows that 47 is a Clone but he noticed that 47 isn’t an average Man.


Prolly not, but I wonder how Agent Smith knows that Agent 47 was a clone in Codename 47. He was there to gather Intel as usual, which explains his knowledge of the underground lab. Has he spoken to Ortmeyer or found his diary?

Did they try to erase his mind with a serum they used for clones or simply turn him into one of those loonies?

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I tend to believe that he knows that 47 isn’t a natural born and is genetically engineered. I see no reason as to why 47 would keep that an secret, I believe that 47 have been pretty upfront with Father Vittorio and his reason why he’s seeking meaning with his life outside contract killing.


Probably 47 told Vittorio everything about his past during a confession. Vittorio even says that he “knows him well” and decided to keep him as a gardener out of pity not to mention for a large sum of money donated to the church :stuck_out_tongue:


The story in Silent Assassin is the best. The early 2000s were a wild time for 47 that’s for sure…


I think it’s possible for him to know… when 47 was in the prayer booth talking with him, 47 says: “But I’m not of this world, so why should god forgive me?”

Where Vittorio responds: “Do not worry, my son. When your time comes, he will have a place for you as well.”

Maybe I’m just overthinking it, but to me it sounds as if he knows what 47 meant by that statement… just my two cents.


That line reminds me Hitman III for some reason.


I think he knows 47 is a clone. What with the seal of confession and 47 looking for someone to tell him what’s his place in the world, requiring full disclosure.

In the later games Vittorio is never mentioned again, but I think to 47 he is an important figure. He’s the only one who accepted 47 without calculatingly taking into account his assassination skills. He appreciated 47 beyond that, for the person who he is deep down. He never calls him 47, because despite what 47 tells himself, Vittorio knows it’s not a name, but a number.

I like to think they’re still in touch somehow. Secretly, because he doesn’t want Vittorio to get into trouble with the ICA for knowing too much.

He actually wrote him this postcard from Sapienza:

"Dear Father Vittorio,

I’m currenty in Italy for work. I’m sorry I can’t make a quick stop in Sicily, but you know how Diana gets. Work, work, work. Can you believe she’s now come up with “special assignments” and “escalations”? I’m running around blowing up lawnmowers and stealing bottles of wodka, but a little holiday is apparently too much to ask for. But you know me, I simply can’t say no. Especially not to her.

I hope the renovations to the church are moving ahead swiftly, and that there are no more complications from that concussion you had. I actually had to clock one of your colleagues on the head with a hammer, but I’m confident he’ll be fine. I’m pretty sure I actually saved him from being pushed from his own church tower, so I’m hoping God will forgive me in the grand scheme of things.

I have to say I really miss our tomatoes. I was looking forward to some good tomato sauce before coming here, but somehow every can of sauce I find is expired. Just my luck. Maybe God is trying to tell me something?

Say hi to the surviving pigs from me. And don’t talk too much to Ivan the scarecrow. People will think you’re crazy, no matter how much you insist its head is moving.

Sunny greetings from Sapienza,
Your son.


I am not sure if this is sarcasm or legit

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It’s neither. Was just feeling inspired, so wrote up something I imagined 47 could be writing.

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I have to say that is a very hilarious letter and I now consider it canon. I think 47 and Vittorios friendship was very cute and warming. That adorable old Italian man edges out Diana any day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and although 47th friendship with Diana came out of necessity they only link back up because of 47’s friendship with father Vittorio. If it wasn’t for 47s priest buddy being kidnapped by the Sicilian mob I don’t think he would’ve went back to the ICA. Heck 47 might even be a priest by now! Imagine that…

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It wouldn’t matter to him. I don’t think he would consider him any lesser not being of natural birth. He’s still a thinking feeling human.