Does IOI ever take feedback from this forum?

Or is this more of an echo chamber?

They track the Bug Report thread and from time to time post in other threads. Which is a sign they read more than we are aware of.


They might’ve been more active with communication.
Especially Clemence and Travis as community managers


I assume they prefer other methods for planning future changes and additions. A forum (while mostly loyal fans) represents a very insignificant amount of the playerbase, much less of the market.

Just something to keep in mind when posting requests here.

We know that they read some of the posts so I don’t see anything wrong with people continuing to post ideas that they have.

Yeah, I find the discussions interesting.

Expectations should be kept in check is alls I’m saying.

@Travis_IOI and @Clemens_IOI are on here regular giving updates, pretty sure they read the feedback too as most of the issues/bugs get rectified.


They put Hitmanforum in their credits for a reason. Several reasons. The main reason being my intelligent suggestions on how to improve the game.


Pretty sure they read along at least casually :smile:…I mean why wouldn’t they? :thinking: Must be interesting/funny to read our genius ideas, theories and speculations lol :grin:


They use it as the basis of a drinking game. There are still members of staff suffering from hangovers after taking a drink everytime somebody asked for the briefcase. One guy is actually in a coma. Crazy bunch at IOI, yo.


This should answer you question, from the HITMAN 2 April 2019 Game Update 2.21 thread and from @Travis_IOI :

I said 47 shouldn’t wear sunglasses at night in a comment. Biggest shock ever when I saw 47 without sunglasses in the level. Enough proof for me.


Hey man! They made a race level and I will forever be happy about that.


Nice one! I really love the summer suit with sunglasses and gloves, unlockable with the The Prince, but wearing it at night is kind of a joke and I sometimes do it just for the fun of it, but as a starting disguise it would have just been ridiculous :rofl:

i wear my sunglasses at night…