Does the load times are affected by internet speed?


I play on normal PS4, and the load times seems long almost a minute at the start of missions. My internet speed is quite low. Is the loading normal on PS4 or because of internet speed?


Have you tried loading any mission in offline mode? I am guessing it should be the low internet speed though.


It’s normal and it’s often not related to your internet connection.
When you restart it’s faster, but the first load takes a lot of time (Sometimes more than a minute) Only thing to speed up loading times is using a PS4 Pro. The Loading times are about half compared with the normal PS4.


And this is why the PS4 Pro is amazing. :sunglasses:


Or get a PC…:grinning::grinning:

No offence


I see. So, it’s normal for normal ps4 have long loading times. Thanks for the clarification.