Don't have episode

So I bought all the episodes individually when the game first came out. At the time Hokkaido wasn’t out, and I had taken a hiatus from the game. After coming back sometime later I tried to buy it (since I already have all other episodes) but it wants me to spend 60 dollars for the bundle for one episode??!!! Am I missing something? This has to be a joke. Please help!!

Are you on Playstation? You have to re download those from your Library. Guess it works the same for the other platforms as well

I’m on Xbox one. Why would I have to download all the episodes, or do you mean, I have to buy them all over again?

@Travis_IOI wrote in another thread:

Source: Upgrade Paths to GOTY Edition

Note that this is about the GOTY edition which surely will cost you some money. If you want to play Hokkaido but dont want to pay more for the GOTY, it might get more difficult.

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