DOOM ETERNAL / Doom 2 Discussion





I’m so happy it’s a full on sequel, was half expecting them to say it was an expansion for a moment, glad to be proven wrong. You can tell the guys at Id Software currently are just brimming with passion for DOOM in every interview they do, can’t wait to see their take on “hell on earth” :-the few seconds they showed in that teaser were stunning :sunglasses:


It’ll be interesting to see what the Archville does here! Will it be like Doom 3 where it spawns monsters, or like Doom 2 where it resurrects dead enemies? Sadly, dead enemies disintegrate in DOOM, so I think it would be the former.

but Archville can light you and blow you up, we still have to see the gameplay footage first :wink: but i’m really excited who is going to be antagonist of DOOM 2, Hayden? Spider Mastermind? or…?

First HALO INFINITE, then the promise that ANTHEM’s story will “keep continuing past the singleplayer campaign”, and now DOOM ETERNAL…

Anyone get the feeling that these may be Games-As-Service/Episodic releases that are meant to “keep going”… hence the use of words like “infinite” and “eternal”?

That’s fucking awesome! Can’t wait to rip shit up in this one!

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Gameplay trailer will be live from Quakecon in about 2,5 hours. Can’t fucking wait for this.

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I hope whatever they add fits in well and feels like “Doom”. Doom 4 is an actual perfect video game I reckon and tbh I wouldn’t have minded if they just made Doom E exactly the same except it’s just new levels and graphics.

Guess I shouldn’t be doubting them though, I’m confident that nu-id will get the job done. The fact that they were able to put out a game as good as they did in Doom 4, after over 10 years of development issues and constant scrapping of ideas and starting over from scratch, is a testament to their skill and passion for the games they’re making I think.


Not to mention the fact that the game was amazingly well optimized!


Keynote’s about to start in ~1 minute, tune in for the sequel to the best game ever made

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Anything in the stream yet @EricTheAussie

They’re showing Rage 2 footage and Doom is probably up next.

everything I could ever hope and tons on top of it. the new designs look amazing and so much new mobility. Mick Gordon music on point too. So down for this game.


Monsters look more cartoonish which is slighly disappointing. But overall the presentation was pretty good.

Looks very heavily stylised. I’m super impressed. So much new stuff, it’s like Doom 4 was the fan service game and now with Doom E, id is gonna show us what they’re really capable of. Thought the new weapon and enemy designs looked a bit iffy when they showed the concept art but once the demo started… Wow.

I’ve been wanting a new Quake single player game in the style of Quake 1 for a long time now and this looks like a mix of Doom 4 and Quake 1. Looks cartoony but also somehow very disturbing and sinister. I love the colour palette of that Earth level they showed, all the fleshy pinks and purples and shit.

I get the feeling the fanbase is gonna end up being divided between Doom 4 and this game, like how Hitman fans usually choose between Hitman Contracts or Hitman Blood Money. This looks very heavily stylised and like it might stray from the Doom formula just enough to make it feel like a brand new and unique experience. Like I said, Doom 4 was the fan service game to re-introduce people to the fast paced action of Doom, and Doom Eternal is gonna be id’s showcase of what’s to come, this is where they’re gonna start introducing brand new stuff. Really cannot wait for this game it looks excellent. Feel exactly the same way right now as I did when I first came away from the Doom 4 gameplay reveal back at E3 2015. Just in awe, high hopes for this game.


Yup, game looks amazing! I loved the new design of the original monsters too.

“Remember, demon can be an offensive term. Refer to them as mortally challenged.” :smiley:


I could see miniscule frame drops during some glory kills, but I am sure that’ll be ironed out during release. Overall, an excellent presentation and long gameplay showing off many features!

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haha ikr. that female announcer was so ace. “Please remain calm. You may notice a slight change in the environment. Fear not, it’s all part of the plan” Spoken like some fucking tourist guide LMAO. and that part with all the human scientists and their reactions to the slayer. so badass.


Keynote footage still hasn’t been uploaded to Bethesda’s youtube but the stream archive is up. Doom starts at around 1:11:30