Downloaded Hitman 2 beforehand, now bought Hitman 2 disc version on PS4


I downloaded Hitman 2 on my PS4 a month ago to make use of the enhanced Legacy pack and Hawke’s Bay free add-on later, also to not miss any elusive targets. I just bought Hitman 2 disc version on PS4 and it is currently downloaded 20GBs of “Hitman 2: Version 1.10”. Also a second icon of Hitman 2 appeared in the PS4 menu. What exactly is it downloading? I already downloaded patch 1.10 earlier as I recently completed The Politician in Hawke’s Bay.

Will I have 2 seperate iterations of Hitman 2 now?


It might be two different games from/for different regions


That could be the case. I bought it from a retailer a few towns away, so I’d figured it is the same region. Let’s hope that’s not the case as I wouldn’t want my progress wiped.


I think your progress will stay in that game you played earlier, but for new one it will be clean sheet, I think.
Let’s see what PS4 owners have to say, I’m just guessing - I’m on PC


It’s still the same account. I just hope the game and PS4 are smart enough to merge the two.


This is a good question. I have a similar thing as I bought Hitman 2 using the Hitman 2 in game store to get the discount. Now when I look at the regular PSN store I still see Hitman 2 as if I don’t own it. So honestly I would say after you fully install the disc version, press start on the new icon and look at the save data and scroll down and look at your add-ons.


Yeah, they were 2 seperate instances according to the Playstation. It (re)downloaded something, but it wasn’t the entire game. It somehow did read my add-ons (Hawke’s Bay + Legacy) and a trophy I just unlocked didn’t create a seperate instance in my trophy list. It added itself to the already existing trophy list.

All my progress was kept, so that’s good news. But when I went into the Hitman 2 application that I downloaded months ago, it did NOT read that I had bought the disc version. Meaning in that instance/application of Hitman 2, I could not play Miami, Himmelstein, Ghost Mode etc. So my downloaded version was 54 GBs or something while the disc version is up to 100(?) GBs. I deleted that app and will now continue on my disc version.

The one thing that does irk me, which is a very minor complaint, is that the Playstation made a seperate instance of Hitman 2 in the Capture Gallery. So when I unlock a trophy, it automatically takes a screenshot. That screenshot won’t be added to the Hitman 2 tab I already had.


That does suck about the capture gallery. I’d like a little more control over it, like maybe we could add things to it from a flash drive or something or customize it more.


That would be great. Unfortunately that’s up to Sony to implement that and I highly doubt it is a priority for them.