Dr Ort-Meyer

Who thinks we should see flashbacks to Ort-Meyer in Hitman 3?

No. They’ve already meddled and altered the canon enough, and I’m tired of the cloning backstory being the only plot device in the games.

Who knows what convoluted story will emerge. Let’s just hope Diana doesn’t give 47 some more “memory serum” to remember him. He’s dead, let’s just move on.


I think he is a fascinating character considering he is 47’s father.

there are also 4 others, but they are all dead and gone. I think IO has retconned them out of the Story by now, sadly :expressionless:

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Shame really would be nice to see flashbacks how they came to be.

Sadly so :frowning: It’s interesting that for such a pivotal character, we know so little about Ort-meyer.

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He was not born evil something made him into a crazy scientist be interesting to see him make 47.

We know so little about the other 4 as well.

Would be good to know about the other 4 aswell could call it Hitman Origins.

I don’t think IOI want to tell the origin story, because Codename 47 did that, so the solution would logically be to remake C47 (which they’ve already stated sadly isn’t viable :/). I’ll have a think about it.

Why can not they remake Codename 47?

Sadly it is not financially viable at this time. I’d volunteer to do a faithful rendition of the game in the form of a free novelization (keeping the C47 vibe and adding additional info on the targets at the same time), but it’s been explained to me that it’s probably not going to be worth mentioning it to IO, sadly. Another pie-in-the-sky idea :smile:

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They kind of tried loosely just that with the comic. In my opinion, it’s too soon. My guess is that they will give it a go after a series rest, post HITMAN3 and the other title, maybe even after Freedom Fighters, but that’s wishful thinking.

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Yes, and sadly the comics were very unpopular for their retconning :confused: I don’t know, I had some ideas, but I don’t think IO really care about C47 at this point :slight_smile:

I like your passion for it I guess Contracts was a remake of C47.

I have so many things I’d like to write to enrich the HITMAN universe, but I’ve found it’s important not to get invested in dreams :stuck_out_tongue:

Hitman 3 needs to go back to basics no episodic levels released a full game again with a good and enriching story.

I agree :slight_smile: I think they were going in the right direction in the first season, with this mysterious Providence. But the second season took away the mystery behind it, and now it’s become a bit of a cliché :confused:

Hitman 2 did sell well so they should do a number 3.

I think Season 3 is all but confirmed, but they can’t discuss the details with the public yet. I think that’s what they said in their livestream on Twitch