Dragging and hiding bodies


My proposition:
I think dragging and hiding dead and unconscious bodies is overpowered, in such a way that this part of the “murder puzzle” has become redundant.


  1. It’s too fast.
    In earlier games it was a tedious affair, that heightened tension when you wondered if you were going to be able to drag the body to a hiding spot in time. A prime example of that is in C:47 (provided you don’t use the side-running glitch), where dragging the dead body of the amulet-wearing Red Dragon negotiator before a cop turned the corner was a very tense affair. Now it’s over in two seconds.

  2. There are too many convenient, spacious containers
    Every map is literally riddled with empty closets and garbage dumps, often extremely conveniently located next to urinating spots. Also, please make some closets and containers full at the outset. So that when 47 kills a target and tries dragging it to a closet, he can encounter the nasty but completely realisitc surprise the closet doesn’t fit a body anymore. I personally think 2 bodies for each containe ris too much as well.

  3. Once in container, bodies become impossible to find
    It would be good if guards also checked containers and closets. If they see a friend go into a room and hear a suspicious noise that cause them to start looking for something, they should also look through the closets in that room. If Viktor goes to puke in a toilet and never comes out and the bodyguard comes checking, he simply he has to check that big closet. He has to. Also, unconscious bodies should wake up and try to make themselves heard, even if they are in a box and unable to get out.

  4. Unconscious bodies don’t wake up
    One of the most tense elements of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin was how, if you wanted to do it cleanly, you had to seriously consider which NPC you would knock out and when. Now, a lot of SA strategies simply rely on knocking out half a map without a worry in the world. Depending on the way you dispatched of them, bodies could stay knocked out shorter (choke), medium (heavy object on the head), or longer (sedatives).

  5. No more blood traces
    This is also in reference to point 3, but introducing those blood traces again would nibble away further at the overpowered nature of hiding bodies.

It really hurts one of the once most challenging aspects of the game.


Disagree with everything except for blood traces.


Disagree too.
But visible blood spots and traces would be great

  1. I prefer how it is now rather than having again the old dragging system that outside being slow, it was a bit clunky specially when crossing a door with a body because it normally resulted in the body having a collision with the door, getting stuck and you having to drag it again because you were forced to drop it.
  2. Depends on the level, really. Also, if the body to hide is from someone KO or a death target, because if it’s KO you’ll realize you have less options because many others will result in a non-target killed, like pushing the body off a cliff.
  3. Blood Money had the same system and it’s for convenience. Ii’s a game mechanic after all.
  4. I kinda agree that maybe in some extra difficulty mode this could be a complication to bring back, but for the normal modes is good as it is. I don0’t find myself KO way too many NPCs anyway and honestly they waking up in something like an ET, while a challenge, can get annoying for not knowing how the behaviour of them is gonna get affected (most likely entering in high alert for a long time).
  5. Again, this will be lovely to see in an extra mode along with NPCs waking up. Still, it’s pretty easy to counter measure because of the containers you can place bodies and while likely causing an alert, is one that won’t last long.


Holy shit IO if you read this, NEVER EVER make unconscious bodies wake up again okay. Limit the amount of people you can knock out, but don’t make me run into a naked guard that just woke up from a deliriium on my way to the exit.
It wasn’t tense, it was annoying in H2:SA


No, pacifications can not be limited.
How do you imagine this?


Could only be done with a change of knock out mechanics, but it was limited to e.g. 3 chloroform flasks in H2:SA and some sedative syringes in BM, which kind of made knocking people out more of a tactical choice than a go-to strategy.


In my view, nowadays the developers have given us more of a freedom.
Every single person can lord it in his own way.
I don’t like it to be restricted


My two cents:

blood traces would be pretty cool, but also would limit the players freedom. Perhaps this is one of those “master difficulty only” things.

I do agree with the OP that there are too many boxes, but in C47-Contracts there were way fewer people. To use the OPs example, in what reality could you really drag a body across a steeet in Hong Kong? Only in that game. Once there became WAY more NPCs who weren’t guards, you needed a better way to hide them and now the game is built around the box idea, so much so, that you get points for putting bodies in boxes.

I would be all for taking out a lot of the boxes in places where they are not needed or don’t make sense. Why can’t I leave a body down in the sewer? Why cant I leave a body behind the couch? But then if the guards are alerted and go into search they might find that body. I’m ok with the idea, but others would be upset to have that body found.


I like the current set up for body dragging/disposal exactly as it is, and I don’t want it changed.


How would it limit the freedom?

HITMAN 2, I see, rewards you as a stealth killer, so if you will to subdue some interfering dudes, you have some space to hide them. I don’t see a crime or bad in it. So I think there are exact amount of disposal places as needed


I’m in favor of having blood cause NPCs to grow suspicious, but I wouldn’t want it to be the case that they could follow them to a hidden body.


Yeah, I like the current state aswell. Also what YacobT said makes sense, there are WAY more people in the maps than before, so it also makes sense to allow for more (and easier to hide) knockouts to exist.

Just in my opinion, before considering them to wake up, better limit the amount of kncokouts. Fine if it stays as it is.


Then what would the impact of their suspicion be? It wouldn’t change a thing?

I guess for the casual player my arguments may sound extreme, but for professional difficulty they make extreme sense.


I like that idea as an alternative, though it would work in combination with mine. Have it so that only sedatives have the effect of KO’ing NPCs throughout an entire mission. That limits the current overpowered system of KOing.
NPCs KO’d by other means do wake up.

That system would still be easier than H2:SA but at least reintroduce some of the difficulty.

Now it’s just too easy and unrealistic.


Well, if they discover a hidden body, it might not negate the score.
It would be more realistic if a person led by the bloody track discovers a corpse.
But in this case how would they know you killed him? So, this case shouldn’t be a penalty


Guards would go on alert, becoming suspicious of you if you linger in the area, disguised or otherwise, same as if they find a body or hear an explosion. Non-guard NPCs would seek one out for help.


I like to shoot guys in the head. Adding NPCs ability to see blood would require me to find a less bloody method.

Right! It gives you points. What if I just drag the body behind the couch and it never gets found? Shouldn’t I get points for that? The entire points thing, IMO, is silly. I liked the rating system back in H2SA. Anyway if you think the amount of boxes is suitable that’s fine, it’s your opinion and I’d never say you’re not entitled to it, but I think there’s too many. I think we should be forced to sometimes hid bodies without the ease of a box


Instead of limiting the amount of knock-outs, I suggest that NPCs will always wake up unless you put them into boxes/closets. Maybe also reducing the number of boxes/closets depending on the difficulty level.

Sedatives could still be sued to permanently knock-out an NPC, without the need of having to store his body.

I also means IO doesn’t have to make new animations when NPCs wake up and climb out of boxes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Far from moving slower, part of me always wonders why 47 can’t throw unconscious bodies over his shoulders and carry them more quickly. He’s supposed to be in peak physical condition, and biologically enhanced!

Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell is a regular old dude, and he makes 47 look like a dweeb in the body-hiding department; he jogs around with bodies on his back as if they’re rucksacks filled with potatoes.

Jeez, 47, bend and squat; put your back into it. You’re not going to win the bi-annual ICA/Third Echelon ninja-warrior contest with that low effort. lol