Drowning Reza Zaydan?

So, this is not a challenge to anyone (though obiously if someone wants to do it for the fun of it, go for it), but I’ve been attempting drowning Zaydan in a toilet by getting him far enough that he seeks out a consulate bathroom.

Does anyone know if this is even possible? I managed to get him to go vomit in a bin in the consulate garage once (by using the emetic syringe in the secret escape tunnel), but it doesn’t seem to be consistent (haven’t been able to do it since in multiple tries)

I figure if I bring both the regular emetic syringe and the antique one maybe if he goes back to the school through the streets instead of the tunnel (managed to fuck up my run before making note of this) I can catch him with another syringe once he’s outside of the garage and the consulate down stairs bathroom should be the closest place to vom. I dunno.

Has anyone done this? Is it even doable?

Your best bet would probably actually be the Shisha Café bathroom (the one outside the café)

I think there’s plenty of bins (for him to vomit in) along the way there though. I don’t think you could get Zaydan to go there with a syringe.

Since I managed to get him into the garage I still think that’s the best bet since he’s so close to the bathrooms there. .Don’t know why I can’t replicate it though. (and I can’t to save my life, I even tried luring him further into the tunnel with coins before the injection and he still goes the wrong way).

Does it has to be SA?

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I’d prefer it this way, but any way would be interesting. Are you thinking of dragging his body somewhere for someone to wake up?

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No, just clearing the way a bit and then fetch trick him to the cafe bathroom

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That sounds like quite a clearing out. :slight_smile:


If you clear enough guards and soldiers, he will eventually report a weapon to the consulate security. From there it’s easy enough to lure him into the bathroom on the left (with Napoleon or w/e).

e: Not sure I ever uploaded the video of it as it’s so time-consuming, but it is possible.


That’s awesome. This exact screenshot (well maybe with Zaydan more clearly in view) is what I was going for when I just gave up. :slight_smile:

Was hoping for something less brute forcey though (but as I said, any way is interesting). Maybe it’s still doable if I can just figure out how the fuck to replicate him going to the bin in the garage.


Thanks, I killed him 47 ways as part of AGENT4T7’s thread a month or so back, and this was one of them. :laughing:

It’s worth doing; while time-consuming it’s quite satisfying to move him around that much. He’ll go to report to the nearest guard/security, so as long as you clear enough of them for him to wander to the consulate the kill is quite easy.

Thinking about it, if you cleared the tunnel and got him there with the password, it might be possible to lure him near to the garage and try something from there (either syringes or an illegal item drop, or more luring, and would be much leaner than the way I did it). The syringes are so unreliable at times. Even if you get him near a bathroom, if there’s a bin there as well it can end up being a 50/50 on which they’ll go to.

Yeah. Really, toilets should be weighted a bit more heavily than bins so that a bin isn’t chosen over a toiled just because it’s slightly closer.


I would always choose a bin over a toilet

That’s because you’re trash kappa :smirk:

Edit: Jeez what did they do to that emote


I have this weird suspicion that the puke spot weighting has to be manually adjusted to favor toilets over bins within a certain radius, and I think they forgot to do it for Landslide as basically every NPC who goes to a bathroom on that map will favor the bin over the toilet no matter how close they were to the bathroom.

And then there’s the guy by the van behind the town hall, who will walk all the way down to the portapotties by the stage for… some reason.

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just kick the toilet on his head when the two guards are talking behind his back. you will have still technically killed him with a toilet :slight_smile:


Guys, remind me, please, what triggers Reza to walk the streets? Fire alarm?

You get the secret password from Strandberg’s safe and call Reza from Strandberg’s office. Reza heads into the tunnel because he thinks Strandberg has called for a meeting (which is what the password is supposed to mean)

So if I’m quick enough I can catch him walking towards the shelter, got it.

If you put him into a panic state, he’ll leave the school and do a circuit around the front of the shoe shop as well (he’ll stop at points in the alleys either side).

I need him to be in position near the archway to be able to snipe him from Bazaar Rooftops.