DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - Location Discussion

So, Dubai is confirmed as a location in Hitman 3, and with the gameplay footage… I think it’s time to speculate and discuss.

What are you expectations, hopes and worries? Can such a vertical level be pulled off?

Edit: Changed the link to the gameplay trailer to link to the one on IOI:s youtube channel.


I’ve been waiting for a skyscraper level for ages


I absolutely wanted more spy-oriented missions infiltrating a skyscraper sounds amazing. Going in with climbing and cutting windows with gadgets and stuff, awesome. The inside of the skyscraper looks great too.


So… targets. I can spot two possible candidates.

This man on the balcony is almost certainly a target. A man elevated above the rest, looking down on them.

This man looks rather unique, but could just be Helmut Kruger or similar character.

What are we thinking? One of the Partners and a side target, like his son?


You mean like set up two different rooms on two different floors to make an exchange with the hottest assassin? I am in then!


Got some Sgail/Paris/Haven vibes in there… It’s more than I could have ever hoped, really wasn’t expecting this level of excitement today :grin:


I thought that older guy was Carl Ingram. Maybe I didn’t see well enough.


Looks like they tweaked his model abit. Looks great tho!

Starting disguise in a hostile situation? 47 starts by parachuting (or something like that) in? Looks like he has some sort of backpack on. Parachute?

What is this helmet? Does anyone know?

Another possible starting disguise:

But the trailer implies that 47 changes into this from the helmeted disguise. Maybe something you can find on site, similar to the “bathing suit” you find on Haven Island?


Had to look up who Carl Ingram is

That looks like a helmet you would do a halo jump in, that is probably going to be either an Unlockable Entry point or the default if they’re going to do a hostile area start


Looks to be a helmet from a hazmat suit (notice the glass around).

I’m guessing that’s the starting suit where you’re in a hostile area and the mask is to help you breathe since you’re starting above the skies, can’t really breathe there well.

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I thought so too, but it’s too shaded to be sure. He might be too young to be him.

Halo jumps are done from reeeeally far up, right? Might that be (story wise) to avoid detection?

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Yes something like that

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High altitude low opening. Can be as high as 30,000 feet +

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Looking spectacular!! Can’t wait.


If 47 jumps from a C-130 I’ll probably replay that level (or cutscene) 10,000 times.


Might be the top of the tower. Accessible? Doesn’t look like there’s a lot going on here, except for looking nice. Maybe it could serve as a sniper spot?

This image makes me ask questions about escapes in this level:

Sure, we have a chopper escape almost guaranteed, but what else? It slightly worries me and makes me think it might be weak in the escape category (sort of like Bankok).