E3 2018 (June)


ur welcome bud:)


Well, Square Enix is in 1 hour, Ubisoft is in 4 hours, PC Gaming Show is in 6 hours, Sony is in 9 hours, and Nintendo’s is in 24 hours.


By the way, it seems like most of the Walmart Canada leaks have come true. Hoping the PC Gaming show might give us Borderlands 3, but I have heard mumblings that the game may of been delayed.


Yes, that’s why I believe Splinter Cell is almost guaranteed at this point.


Splinter Cell and Borderlands 3 I think are the only ones left to be confirmed, most of the others got confirmed at Microsoft. Presumably SC will be shown at Ubisoft, and I’m hoping maybe Borderlands 3 could make an appearance at the PC Gaming Show.

EDIT: Although it is worth pointing out that Borderlands 3 is almost definetly in development, thanks to Randy Pitchford basically admiting it. So really it’s a case of whether or not they are going to start teasing BL3 yet, or if we have to wait a while longer.


Only 3 hours to go :wink:


And i’m more than ready :blush:.


Just Cause 4 looks amazing


Wait, that’s seriously it?


Square Enix conference is at least longer than Devolver’s. But Devolver has a soul, at least.

Just Cause 4 looks amazing, though.


What’s this about Just Cause 4 you guys are talking about? Is there a new presentation video or something?



Thank you!


I hope the bike and car driving mechanics are improved. It was easier driving planes and helicopters than cars (which had insane handling) in JC3.


I hope we get to push a button to fold the wings in and stuff and not be automatic as you get in. So I can fit it in the back of the C130. God the possibilities :smiley:


NO Splinter Cell :frowning:

Down to Sony now


Yeah, that was an hour and a half with nothing interesting for me :open_mouth: :flushed:.


My face when they finished the conference




Might be minor compared to the new game announcements, but this was an unexpected surprise.