E3 2018 (June)


They are going to show Hitman 2 gameplay on the PC Gaming Show


Personally I think its bollocks


Isn’t the Vita the Playstation Portable 2?


Yeah me too. PS5 announcement? Nah…


Sython Filter!? :joy: never heard of that game before, but Syphon Filter it’s another story :smiley: and Horizon Two Dawns!? :joy:.


Disappointed with the Ubisoft conference, was really expecting them to reveal the next SC game.


Hitman 2 dev is on stage right now.


My internet has died

Hotspot time


He’s just left. Not much info really, aside from the fact that the briefcase can not just hold the sniper rifle but other items.


Fucking yes… F2000 please


So the “new” mechanics are picture-in-picture, blending into the crowd, and the briefcase.
All elements from previous games they’ve reintroduced.

I’m just waiting for them to reveal they’re “introducing” this “new tech” called elevators.


I’ve timestamped the Hitman section of the PC gaming show here (2h2m48s if it doesn’t work). There’s new location footage shown. 2000 NPCs in the level!!


I’ve not seen any elevators, or metal detectors. Nor have they said if this time anyone will pay attention to pools of blood. Hiwever I did see guards opening other peoples bag.


That resolution be like


Ya, death “standing”, not stranding.
And uncharted 5? Ya right.


I was half expecting “Unkarted” to be on that list…



I have no idea what is with the Playstation conference. They showed off a long Last of Us 2 trailer, and after just 15 minutes they are already on an intermission, with it just cutting to people talking in a studio. Seems very lacklustre.


That was so shit :confused:


I was kind of worried about Hitman being released a day before Fallout 76 but…

  1. The people who are gonna buy Hitman was gonna buy hitman regardless of fallout or anyother game in the viscinity (probably)

  2. Fallout 76 being multiplayer online only seems to be even worse received than Hitman being episodic so yeah have fun with that Bethesda


The Last of Us Part II gameplay trailer was incredible, game looks amazing, holy shit. Easily the best part of Sony’s Conference for sure. All I’m wanting now is the release date, shame we’ll have to wait longer.

But holy fuck it was good, everything was so smooth. Very excited for more information.


Ghost looked pretty cool. Camera seems a bit awkward.

TLOU2 was good but I’d rather player as Joel.

Control looks like Quantum Break’s equivalent on PS4.

Death Stranding…holy fuck. This looks amazing.

Spider-Man? Kinda meh on this one.