E3 2018 (June)


I was impressed with Control even though the trailer was only about a minute long.

The graphics are crisp, the heroine has a slick look, and the powers have a cool X-Men/Inception vibe.

Definitely keeping that one on my radar. I think it would have made a bigger impression if the other demos hadn’t been so good. We’re just spoilt for choice.


It’s also mentioned that ETs and Escalations are coming back in HITMAN 2. And, something about challenge packs…


What’s so epic about Death Stranding?


I really want that one to do well, Remedy needs a success if they’re gonna get back on the game.


Nier Automata coming to Xbox :smile::smile::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Gosh, you playstation guys are lucky…Uncharted, The Last of Us, Spider-Man, like jeez…Xbox get a grip!
At least Nier is coming soon for us. And I’m a bit hyped for the new Remedy game. Finally, a female protagonist without a shaven head or punk style…hint hint…


I have to ask, as someone who hasn’t played The Last of Us, did Part 2 show off anything new in Sony’s trailer? Because to be honest, I was under the impression you could do most of the stuff Ellie did in that gameplay trailer.


That’s basically what “sequel” is suppose to do. Plus add new things on top of that (which it did in gameplay demo). And I SERIOUSLY suggest you to play TLOU1 - it’s fking amazing. True masterpiece.


I just realized that they didn’t announce GTA 6.


Well why would they?They haven’t even released Red Dead Redemption yet
I doubt we’ll see GTA until 2020/2021


There were some rumors and it kicked me in the memories.
Oh well, have plenty to play this year, next one



Are you guys seeing this? Wow… just… wow…

But then again… UE4 magic bullet… Ever since I saw someone demoing “Switch Mode” using unported UE4 demos… You kinda figure UE4 is “one with the Switch”. Together they turn the Switch into the little engine that could.


A retrospective look at this year’s E3.


It’s because it’s a upcoming scfi game made by a iconic videogame designer who was betrayed/fired by his company


Silently walks away.


I know how you feel, I really wanted Borderlands 3, which seemed to be the only other absent game from that list, although apparently 2K had decided to delay it a week before E3.


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Oh man Ubisoft was so cringey.


Found this very interesting: "People (The Hitman Community) share these crazy things
@cjgarof Flying axe

What’s the most creative way to kill a target, you’ve seen so far…
Please give this guy @Urben a medal! Absolutly! PogChamp
:1st_place_medal:PogChamp for most creative kill