E3 2018 (June)


What about Atari tho?You gotta release it to Atari. There’s a wide market there,boi.


HITMAN: Season One - E3 Edition
with new unlock
that’s all i expect


They could be a useful weapon to silent kill enemies. You throw them somewhere and people breathe and die :slight_smile:


As long as we get news from fromsoftware I’m good. Oh and maybe a new doom but perhaps that’s too soonish


I’d settle for a 5 sec video of CyberPunk’s gameplay. 5 seconds is all I need for another 2 years of waiting and getting hyped,more or less.


My wishlist:

Hitman stuff, obviously
Cyberpunk 2077 reveal
Splinter Cell reveal
Bethesdas “Starfield”
Forza Horizon 4 set in UK
P7 by remedy (already confirmed for E3)
Rocksteadys new game (most likely Superman)
Watch Dogs 3 in London

Could be a great show this year.


walmart leak. seems to cover a lot. sadly no mention of hitman


The rumour for Bethesda is that their next game isn’t Fallour or Elder Scrolls but a new IP called Starfield. So you may have to wait a while longer I’m afraid for Elder Scrolls VI.


A pair of rare socks. Boost on 47’s running speed.


Oh boy,I see Dreams by Media Molecule!
Also,I forgot about Starfield! They have been completely hushhush about it but we have known about this game for a long time now. I just hope they make an RPG,not an Open World Shooter. I mean,I still enjoyed Fallout 4 as it was still deeper than most games and very fun,but I want decisions and variations in between my playthroughs.
I do not want a faction war where I make only one choice that influences the narrative


Lots of Buzz surrounding Bethesda who have teased a big Pre-E3 announcement to drop on May 14th.

Speculation has run wild about everything from “Skyrim in Space”, to a possible RAGE sequel… or that long rumored Open World Space RPG called “Starfield”.

Come to think of it… all of the above sounds like it might be talking about one and the same game! :stuck_out_tongue:


Here you go.


Sssoooo…no Starfield?


Possibly both, Rage 2 and Starfield are made by different developers. Possible that their E3 may even have 3 big games.


Bethesda have said that their presentation on 10 June is going to be their biggest yet. In addition to Rage 2, I’m fairly confident that we’re going to get two more AAA game announcements. This along with Microsoft booking into a separate conference centre for their presentation on the same date have got me very excited for E3 this year.


Hoping for a new Halo game and MCC on PC.


Hmm… not IdTech 6 though:


That kind of dampens the chances of a Nintendo Switch port.
Then again, if Bethesda/Id/Avalanche can somehow move the assets to IdTech 6 then they are golden.

What is the precedent for ports to be running on a different engine and yet mostly look like the same game?


I’ll be honest. This Rage 2 doesn’t seem solid. Seems like a mish mash of Borderlands and Mad Max with a sprinkle of insanity just to try and look appealing. Plus it’s made by the Devs of Just Cause and Mad Max so I expect a seriously lackin’ story,with generic characters. I’ll hold off to see some gameplay,but I am not excited for this one.



warner bros will attend


It’s an unpopular opinion but I wouldn’t mind IO teaming up with WB for good - they may learn something about doing business properly, proper advertising etc.

This opinion is based on me closely following Shadow of War published by WB.

Despite the game’s name being tarnished by lootboxes (which are being removed for good now) everything else Monolith did or do - is a textbook example on a proper communication with fans and feedback - constant streams with meaningful content, live content (though Hitman live content is better), community requested features/bug fixes…

I really enjoyed how they supported the game throughout with free content while bringing a quality paid one - new difficulties (Gravewalker and Brutal are so good compared to half-hearted Pro difficulty in Hitman), updates to Nemesis system, Photo Mode.

If half of the things they did were made by IO, Hitman would have been so much better despite being an already awesome game. Sometimes I just feel like Hitman is a wasted potential due to the constant controversies, misunderstandings and lack of communication between devs and fans (Travis does his job really well, but does his words reach the ears in IO? Sometimes I doubt that).

P.S. Also, Online Features in SoW are done perfectly - if you lose connection, you don’t lose the actual game content, only Vendetta missions, Online Sieges and Fight Pits which barely affect gameplay.