E3 2018 (June)


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Absolutely. Sony have already announced that they’re going to showcase Ghost of Tsushima, which is not on the list. They’ll also have a spot for Black Ops 4.


Not to mention the fact that all titles are center-aligned on paper. :slight_smile:


what? mgs snake eater remake??? this shit is mad fake lmao


Fingers crossed my dude :crossed_fingers: Really wanna see what Ubi has been upto for the last 5 years, hopefully they went back to the OG chaos theory style gameplay rather than open world, appeal to mass audience sheeeeit.


Now that you mention in,PS2 backwards compatibility?
Seems faker by the minute.


Doesn’t necessarily mean actual disc reading. Could be PS Now or digital games added to the Store.


It says “play PS2 games on your PS4” which,as ambigous as it sounds,is way too broad to be just 4/5 digital ps2 games.
IDK,guess we’ll have to wait!


looks legit:

I also heard that other unannounced Switch titles NOT in this material were confirmed to other news outlets who are now going to zip their mouths shut…

Very exciting!

Where is 47? :sunglasses:


I put my bets on the June roadmap. If IO doesn’t want us to suffer until the very end.


Okay, instead of starting a different thread I think this can be done here. Why don’t we place our bets, so to speak, and make our crazy predictions for E3? Afterwards we can boast, “I called it!”, or slink away hoping that no one ever reminds us of how completely wrong we were. I’ll start.

I predict that… Bethesda will announce three AAA games. We already know about Rage 2 and Fallout 76. I think the third will either be Starfield or a new Elder Scrolls game.
Re-phrased below.


i think there wont be any announcement for june


I believe it was stated by Bethesda that they had 3 big announcements for E3. The rumoured third is Starfield.


I don’t know why I said “third”? Probably because I can’t predict what that will be. What I meant to say is that two of the new AAA games will be Starfield or ES6. I was discounting Rage 2 and Fallout 76 because they’ve already been announced. Hence, the crazy predictions. So let me re-phrase it…

I predict that… Bethesda will announce three new AAA games. We already know about Rage 2 and Fallout 76, so they’re not included. I think two of them will either be Starfield or Elder Scroll 6.


There is no such thing TES6. It’s a myth. A RUMOR. Our lord and savior Todd “WhosLaughingNow” Howard is too busy releasing Fallout 4 patches in 2018 to make such a puny,miserable game. TESO is much better anyways.

JK But in all seriousness I think next E3 or so we might get Tes6. I remember Bethesda saying that when they do start developing it,they want to make it their most ambitious game ever(or something like that)


I kinda want to try out Mario Tennis Aces. Looks fun.


Update: A Sony representative came to our store and my manager showed him the image. He was shocked and asked on how we got the image and who else knows. He then proceeded to take a picture of it and send it to the higher ups.

I’m not ever going to say if this picture is or isn’t real but that’s what happened.


Ha ha. It’s funny to read how he wasn’t already aware of it, and took a picture to show the higher ups, when this image has been around for the past 3 days.


You’d be surprised how much companies are in their own bubble especially when departments try to hide stuff from each other. My guess is that they haven’t seen it nor anyone who has, told them in case they get in trouble lol.

It’s also a high possibility even the representative doesn’t know the games coming at E3 so his face was of personal shock to see rather than “oh shit they know” shock. I guess he passed it up to the people who do know though for sure.

Well it’s safe to say, they know now lol. Sony could be either laughing or crying.


I wonder if Techland will announce a new Call of Juarez on E3 this year?


In addition to the rumours of Dying Light 2’s appearance at E3, it’s also been reported that Techland is working on a second big title. However, fans are cautioned about getting their hopes up for Hellraid. Sources claim that Hellraid “was definitely erased” with the project cancelled some time ago.

It’s thought that it could be a follow-up to Call of Juarez, however, there have been no confirmations as to what the game actually is.


Apparently Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t the only Western game we should be excited about. Earlier today, Techland announced it had acquired publishing rights to Call of Juarez, a mid-tier action-Western series from Ubisoft.


In an unexpected move, Ubisoft has released a statement explaining why Call of Juarez games have been delisted from several online storefronts about two weeks after the development was noticed by fans. The company’s PR department has told Game Informer that the licensing and publishing rights to some of the games have been handed back to developer Techland, while the others remain with Ubisoft.

Per the terms of agreement, Call of Juarez The Cartel and Call of Juarez Gunslinger licensing/publishing rights have reverted back to Techland, while others remain active with Ubisoft. This is why a few titles have recently been removed from Steam, but it is our understanding that Techland is working to bring those titles back, so please feel free to reach out to Techland regarding status.