E3 2018 (June)


Days Gone confirmed for 22nd February 2019 release.


The first E3 conference is the EA conference, which is due to start in an hour. EA’s tend to be pretty dull, they seem to love to dedicate half the time just on their various sports franchises which release every year. I guess the big thing will be Battlefield V footage.


Place your bets…

This is how I think EA Play will go:

  • SKATE 4



Someone has info when which publisher is giving it’s conference?



tfw there is no KRAT


Actually haven’t heard of that Timezone lol


I’m really curious to see more from Anthem based on all the rumours of it’s development. I hope the Bioware guys are on track, cause a great sci-fi loot, coop game sounds pretty cool!


The only games i really want to see are Just Cause 4 (and it will be there), HITMAN 2 (and it will be there) and Splinter Cell 7 (BlessRNG it will be there).

Also, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 and GTFO (the game, not the acronym).


Is it single player as well? If not, then I have to take back the like I gave you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

Exactly how Anthem will handle single-player is yet to be disclosed, though this will assumedly be near-identical to cooperative play. Like similar games on the market, we can expect shared-world content to adapt for both solo players and groups.

_ _

It’s also safe to assume Anthem will be an entirely online experience, forcing those playing solo to still connect to game servers.

Hm, can’t say I liked this :cry:.

It looks like it could be same gameplay style as Destiny, I played that for a year or so, but if your clan members wasn’t online, it was a mix feeling and a bit chaos sometimes playing Nightfall etc with strangers :flushed::

In the debut Anthem gameplay trailer at E3 2017, the big focus was on multiplayer gameplay. A team of players work together to take down smaller enemies, exploring the game’s open-world environment and diving into a community event together. But despite this, the game will still have a big focus on single-player content too.

On Twitter, Anthem‘s lead designer Corey Gaspur confirmed that the game’s single player experience is “very important” to the team.

Just like Destiny, a game which Anthem has been compared to, fans will also want to know what BioWare is doing to balance the single and multiplayer modes. In the first Destiny release, many felt that the story content lacked although multiplayer gameplay and playing together was incredible fun. Anthem has a former Mass Effect and KOTOR writer is working on the script, which indicates that BioWare is at least taking things seriously.


Well I don’t know more than you guys, but I’m sure you’ll be able to play in some form of Singleplayer


Does anyone know if CD Projekt’s would be at Microsoft or Sony’s?


Don’t get your hopes up. They’re still in concept phase and looking for a publisher.


not that many of you play battlefront 2, but they’re adding obi-wan, anakin, grievous and dooku :open_mouth:


Hope so. It’s does look like EA’s version of Destiny lol


Not a bad guess :stuck_out_tongue:


Just an update, it will be out february 22 2019:


While the game is meant to be played as a group, you can play through the story on your own. BioWare has stressed that grouping up will be as painless and rewarding as possible, to incentivize even the hermits among us to find a squad to join.

Anthem launches February 22, 2019. You can pre-order now and get VIP access to pre-launch playable demos.

This is good news :smiley:.


I thought Grigorovich said that they will visit the E3, since they are looking for a publisher.


That was a truly dull opening to E3. Not a single surprise or exciting reveal other than a mobile Red Alert game.


EA E3 Conference - Highlights