E3 2018 (June)


will be there a gameplay video of hitman 2?


Snake Eater remake?!?!? PogChamp


Given the recent streams being showcased on an Xbox One it’d be recommended that we keep an eye out for Microsoft’s press conference. Or Sony’s. Or Both.


There’s a game reviewer or journalist who has announced he’ll be streaming some gameplay on Tuesday, I believe. It’s possible we’ll see some gameplay before then too.


I thought the IO streams were from a PC using an Xbox controller? I could’ve sworn I heard Travis say that at one point…


Just checked the videos. Yeah you’re right. The pause menu is what you’ll get if you connect an Xbox controller to your PC. Still, they chose Xbox controller over PS4 that sure means something correct?


I don’t quite know what this involves, but on my Xbox it is advertising a “Hitman Briefing” on Mixer at 6pm BST (GMT +1) today (10 June) on IOInteractive’s channel. It was found under the upcoming content at E3.


I wonder if it’s the Miami briefing or a new one?


I’m not sure. But if anyone is interested, this is the link to the Mixer E3 schedule. If you scroll down you’ll see the Hitman Briefing link.


In fact, if you click it now it takes you to IOInteractive’s last broadcast, which was on 8 June, where Travis, Lasse, and Clemens play the sniper game for nearly two hours. They make lots of interesting comments, but Travis confirmed that although he wouldn’t be there himself, IOI will be at E3. :+1:

Here’s a direct link to that broadcast:
(Sorry if this broadcast has already been mentioned, but it was new to me.)


10am PDT is a good time to watch for us CEST european guys. :grinning:


The briefing at 00:00, E3 at 03:00. God bless coffee.


That’s likely an error tbh. That was the name of the WB Games announcement stream (which included the briefing).


Check the first link in my previous post. :wink:
It seems they call all their posts: Hitman Briefing.


It’s propably gonna be a Miami briefing, but don’t worry, we will see gameplays too, maybe even official one from IOI.


Splinter Cell: Apocalypse? PogChamp




Every year I do it to myself. I’m so going to get wasted… again

At least I can blame Phil Spencer, Reggie, Todd Howard and stuff :’)


It doesn’t exist anymore.


I noticed that. On my Xbox is says, “Live Now”, but when I click on the link on Xbox it takes me to IOI’s channel, but shows the most recent. Maybe @thrison was right. I’ll keep checking to see if they come online.


It sucks, but we’re gonna see some cool shit this week anyway. :slight_smile: