E3 2018 (June)


Xbox will have a lot of third party content on stage - and some surprising partners. There will be a few meaningful first party announcements too. Should be a strong showing for the industry.

Just Cause 4



Quick if you want to see Fallout 76 :smiley: ( Edit. Sorry, it’s too late now :flushed:)

they gave us a short look at Fallout 76 though, nothing said about what kind of game this is, but maybe we will learn more in Bethesda E3 2018 press conference?

And i’m really looking forward to Metro Exodus :blush:.



Just saw the E3 trailer for The Division 2.

Is that you, Diana, doing your best American accent? I think it is.


I think Diana is in Ghost Recon Wildlands as well?


Oh, I don’t know. I haven’t played it.

Probably, though. She has a great voice; I’m sure she has no problem finding voiceover work.


Got so hyped when Todd walked out on stage :heart_eyes:

And Dying Light 2 :heart_eyes: Im gonns be poor after all this :joy:


I’m playing it and i’m pretty sure it’s her and yes she have a great voice :smiley:.

I’m not hyped yet, I don’t know if this is a online, settlements building or what, I don’t want either of that :flushed:, I want single player and same gameplay as Fallout 3, not settlements not workshop.

Oh wow! It’s as big as Fallout 5 could be, sounds good.

So do I, so do I…

About Xbox press conference, it’s no need for me to buy Xbox, I didn’t see 1 exclusive Xbox game I would like to play, so i’m going to stick to Playstation as I have always done.

I missed that, I don’t hope Splinter Cell will be Xbox exclusive :flushed:.

And not 1 I would even consider buying, I think one of them was the Zelda fox, that was the first thing i thought about when I saw it.

It was to cyber for my taste, futuristic games can be cool, but Cyberpunk 2077 is way to far out for me.


The Fallout 76 trailer is on IGN’s channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8gV7LSt6sI

According to the description for the video, it is a prequel 4 times the size of Fallout 4, which if true is pretty amazing. I guess we’ll find out more during Bethesda’s conference in just 4 hours time, but I really really hope they don’t pull out and surprise us with online stuff.


Xbox are doing the marketing for Splinter Cell. Hmmm. Ubisoft may held it


Nah it won’t. It’s common as bad ground in general now. They just buy marketing rights. If it was exclusive, it would it be there. I reckon Ubisoft are holding it for theirs.


Just watched the Xbox conference. Absolutely blown away. 50 games, 15 world premiers, and 18 exclusives.


It’s not that impressive tbh.

50 games, and only 18 are exclusives, which we can get on PC anyways.

Out of the 18 exclusives, they were just (Insert IP) (Number) here. I didn’t see a brand new exclusive.

And then if there was a new 1st party, how good is that game.

They claimed “World Premier” because they are the first conference lol.


Anyone know where we could expect to see smth of Cyberpunk 2077?



Oh praise you :3

Damn that looks schway! But a bit sad you cannot create a character form the scratch, no female character.


I’ve no interest in Forza, but I must admit, I can’t help but smile at seeing my home city of Edinburgh in a video game with the Walter Scott monument.


I was surprised by the tone of Cyberpunk 2077. That old teaser trailer of the woman with the razor-blade arms was very dark, and made me think the game would be similar to Deus Ex or Blade Runner.

But the E3 trailer we just saw makes it seem like GTA set in the future more than anything else.


fallout 76 looks sexy :clap:


I’m looking forward to learn more about it, but that have to be tomorrow when I wake up, the press conference is 3:30 AM here, so i’m not going to stay up that late :sleepy:.


So Fallout Shelter will be announced on PS4