E3 2018 (June)


about time :sunglasses:


Yeah, I was very surprised – but pleased – that this is a proper Fallout game.

Bethesda clearly got sick of fans modding greenery into their games and decided to beat them to it this time. lol

(Except now we’re going to get mods that make the entire world brown – like Fallout should be! :smiling_imp:)


Is that a game mode in Fallout 76? Never played it, I think it is a game mode in Fallout 4? Or do you have to download it separately?


I can’t put into words how happy I am that the narrator isn’t the fucking protagonist like last game :roll_eyes:


it is a 2D game in which you manage a vault. It is fun for a mobile game.


Already had a hack save on Android lol

Nah a mobile game where you grow your shelter. Like sims basically


You can already get Fallout Shelter on PC as well, so not too surprising about a console release. There is also still a rumour about Fallout 3 getting a remaster too, the Bethesda conference should be interesting.


I thought a character creator was confirmed way back? I simply assumed it’s just easier to make a trailer with one “sample” character as focus.

My exact thoughts on the lighting atmosphere. But after seing it a few times, I kinda like it. Making it always rainy and nighttime would have been the easy choice, but perhaps also a bit boring. And I’m sure there’ll be plenty of dark- and bleakness as well.


Bethesda’s is about to start, going to watch it because I can’t sleep.


They showed off some stuff for Rage 2, but honestly, it doesn’t make Rage 2 look terribly interesting. It’s another open world FPS with a post apocalypse atmosphere, and it doesn’t feel like there is anything that unique about it. Still waiting for Fallout 76.


DOOM 5 just got announced, called DOOM Eternal. And like DOOM 2, it will be hell on earth. Not much info aside from a cg trailer, with more info to come from Quakecon.


Been up all night to watch it! It’s 4 in the morning in Denmark right now :joy:
Fallout better be good! :joy:


Wolfenstein is getting a sortof standalone expansion, I think? Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a co-op game set in 1980. Not too sure what kind of game it is, or how big it is.


Skyrim on Amazon Alexa confirmed :heavy_check_mark:




Fallout 76 release is gonna clash with HITMAN 2 - November 14th. :frowning:


Well, the rumours are true. Fallout 76 is an online game, although can be played in single player. Not sure what to think, I’d love to be able to play it co-op but it wouldn’t surprise me if PvP is non-optional.


Yeah Fallout is online guys.
Now listen, he said you can play it solo 100%
Or team up with friends sorta like co-op.
But there is PvP in it which is where I got a little sad, but at least he said it wont be masivly populated because it is the wasteland, so I’m guessing 10 players or so.


Wait is it an MMO or just CO-OP? I don’t mind an extreme amount if it is just Co-op.

But then again it is likely that there will be a huge difficulty spike if you try to play single player.


So the secret IP was Starfield :open_hands:
And they just teased the new Elder Scrolls :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: