E3 2018 (June)


fallout on nov 14th. damn rip hitman 2


Todd Howard says that there will be dozens of players in the world, so maybe 24 or 32. Basically like a server for something like Ark: Survival Evolved or Rust or Minecraft. There is a co-op element, where some gameplay shows the player’s hud with the health bars of 3 friends. I don’t know if you can just do the co-op with 1-3 friends without having anyone else with you.


Unless you Gold/Collector’s Edition HITMAN 2 and get it November 9th.


Like to add Todd said “For Next Gen”

So PS5/Xbone 2?






Nice! :slight_smile:


Legit the only thing from Bethesda’s E3 that I’m even remotely interested in is ES6.

I can’t even imagine what kind of hot garbage Fallout 76 will be on release even after the Beta.


when will these military goons learn not to fuck with Rico XD the man can make 2 helicopters crash into one another, can do bonker stunts, shoot planes down with pistols lmao


Unlike the cinematic trailer before, Lara looks good. :slight_smile:


Fallout 76 is just the same game with a slightly updated creation engine and some new enemy types, fallout 4 heavily lacked on animations and combat or stealth mechanics, i’m pretty sure, the game will have better graphics, textures, landscapes and bla bla but next to none gameplay improvements.


Don’t forget riding on fucking ICBMs.





Is it weird that I want the Duffel Bag and the Steelbook more? Much as I like the Helmet, there’s really no use for it other than cosplay and I don’t exactly have anywhere to put it if I were to use it for decoration.


Microsoft Xbox E3 Conference - Highlights


Bethesda’s E3 Press Conference - Highlights


very excited about to the two new logos Bethesda Game Studios revealed


Dosen’t matter to me, I choose Hitman over a online and workshop Fallout 76.

Hard to say, it’s two different game genres and I think we need Playstation + to play single player Fallout 76, so it shouldn’t, I don’t think even RDR 2 will stop me from playing Hitman, I will buy RDR 2 on release day and play it until Hitman is out and then i’m going to play Hitman for the most part :blush:.


Not a problem for me either but I wonder could release of Fallout effect HITMAN 2’s sales