Easiest way to obtain black suit with gloves for new players?

I have like 4 suits, classic suits, thankfully I have the white requiem suit which is my favourite but I really want a black suit with gloves, what’s the quickest , easiest way ? Thx.

I like to have options for saso runs. Kinda gutted I have barely any.

Please specify what suit do you mean?
There are quite a few black suits with gloves in the game.
Do you mean Ultimate Black Suit?

If so, this suit is a part of Trinity Pack which is a preorder bonus and if you haven’t preordered the game, it’s not available for separate purchase


If you’re just asking about the quickest way to get any black suit with gloves, as far as I know the Classic Black Suit is the only one you can obtain without waiting for elusive targets. You can find the requirements in the Classics tab under challenges. I believe the suit unlocks with a certain number of SA rankings on Hitman 1 and 2 missions. Not exactly quick, but faster than the alternative since you won’t be waiting for live events to get it.

Otherwise, once you’ve done 3 elusive targets you’ll get the Absolution suit. There were 2 already this month so depending on when you started playing you might be closer to this.

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Well, there’s the Classic All-Black suit you get for completing Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenges.

There’s also. The Raven Suit you can get for owning Hitman 1 Access Pass.

If you get 20 Mastery on Berlin you unlock the Number 6 suit. Awesome Tactical Turtleneck with a grey trench coat.

There’s also the Tuxedo with gloves or Tactical suit with Hunter’s Hat you get for completing an Elusive in Paris or Colorado.



That would be right, without any “or”.
Just to exclude possible confusion

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Yeah thankfully I’ve done 2 so far, I have the absolution with the jacket, is there another one with gloves ?

Yeah in mean the classic suit guys with tie, that pure black one you got for ore ordering is amazing. Man I’m gutted can’t have that.

Man they stingey with the classic hitman type suits. But oh hey another assault rifle or pistol I’ll never use

There is the Terminus for competing an ET with SA, you’ll get the Absolution suit with gloves when you complete your next ET. The infographic online for H2 ET rewards is the same as for HIII.

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Ah well at least that’s something, is the absolution with gloves clean version ? With jacket ? Any pics ? Thx for info man. Least I got something to look forward to, yeah I got sa rank with both elusive so far. I look them up because who wants to mess up and miss reward. That in itself means poor design, same with challenges that are near impossible unless you look them up. If the player had to look anything up then you’ve failed I’m you’re design. That’s not to say I want easy stuff sign posted, no way, just possible to work it out.

I so want that Trinity pack, that’s the exact suits I love, all favourite colours too. Just perfect , kinda bummed out now.

Oh nice the absolution suit is what I’m looking for, though if jacket was buttoned be perfect. But better than nothing, now just waiting for next elusive.

I like ETs as they are, because I think it’s as exciting and suspenseful as the game can be when you go in blind. I understand the fear of missing rewards though, fortunately they run enough for second chances but I get its still not a guarantee.

What challenges do you think are impossible? I think having some more difficult ones is a good idea and adds longevity to the game, obviously they can be looked up which makes it a moot point but such is the age of the internet.

The requiem pack was also a pre-order exclusive back in 2016, and they put it up for purchase after about a year. They might do the same with the trinity pack eventually.


Yeah but come no ones working out, throw apricot at certain NPC head and turn on radio, that’s just one and not even worst, no I like them to make me explore but that just borderline ridiculous.

I agree, near impossible for the average player to find. But, I like easter eggs to stay rare. Some of the best ones aren’t found out for months or years. There’s really fun discussion in the EE thread about finding new ones, usually someone stumbles onto something by accident and it escalates to throwing eggs at chicken graffiti. It’s really fun and until its solved its neat how the challenges are essentially crowdsourced.

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Yeah I guess its fine so long as there’s more than enough challenges to get mastery and rewards which there is so its fine .

Got the chashmeire suit today after a long grind.

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