Easter Eggs in Absolution

Just found another “Allan” Easter Egg.

In Dianas Mansion, the Notesheet on the Piano says “Allans Lambarda” , some circles are drawn on the notes, saying “more details” and “finish Tune, Allan!!”

If its already known, sorry, but i found nothing on the forum about this ^^


Also, when you achieve a score of 666 in the shooting contest

They should have made the numbers pixelated and blurry, I guess :smile:


That Allan son of a gun. He never adds any details… :sunglasses:


Alan illuminati confirmed??? How deep does this conspiracy go???


Do you think that they needed a character name for Diana’s boss and Travis from IOI walked in the room and they just smiled at him curiously?

Hey, I have written the complete score on Sibelius. If you want it, i can share you the sound and the score of Allans Lambarda :wink:

The link is here : https://mega.nz/#!CUVBQbya!z4sCbOi6MHVXQTR6q_rGstpLbay88KxkiDduH0azEQo

Guys I got news for you… Allan Henson might not be working in Hitman 6. Not official but it seems so since he is not credited.

Maybe he forgot to add his name.


I still wonder what happen to the other cougar they all keep talking about. I think his name was Travor

The one who is negotiating with Stallion Arms? Idk, never thought about him ^^

Not sure, cougars keep talking about him how Dexter found out and it was horrible what he did to him.

Are you talking about Darian? Because if you approach Lenny Dexter with a melee weapon he says something like “No, oh please no! No! Not like Darian! Oh God there was so much blood! He was in so much pain!” - if I remember rightly there’s mention of the whole gang beating Darian to death .

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Yes, yes. Him. The gang talks about what Dexter did to him. I don’t think I heard the gang beat him, but Dexter instead

Darian may be one of the bodies buried in the Blake Dexter ICA File.

Watching this video by kacpi26. Lots of new easter eggs that I never even thought would exist.

I just want to list a few.

  • Throwing 2 bones in a grave in the mission “End of the Road” will cause the game to look grey and speed up.

  • Shooting the giant Nuke in Dexter Industries will show a cutscene of a nuke going off that kills Lynch and 2 other guys, followed by a message saying “Objective failed” and 47’s death.

  • In One of a Kind, you can wear one of the masks (devil mask from A Dance With The Devil in Blood Money, I think) if you’re wearing the chief’s outfit and holding a metal pipe.

  • You can exit the One of a Kind “mission” without your suit if you’re wearing the Murder of Crows bird outfit and holding a book in your hand. The cutscene will play with an extra sound.


OMG, a “Pink Flamingos (Movie)” Easter Egg in Absolution, I can’t believe it. :rofl:

I found something incredibly obscure: a promotional riddle/puzzle/ARG for Absolution that seems to have gone completely under the radar.

Cosmo Faulkner had a fake Google Plus account set up here long before the game was released:

Almost no one went there. Google Plus was always a ghost town, and I only found the page through the hitman wiki.

But a pair of posts from December 2 and December 5, 2011, show a series of tickets and a pair of pages from a tour guide that contain some sort of hidden message from the character, Birdie. I’ve gotten partway through solving the riddle, but I have no clue where it leads!

I am incredibly curious if anyone from IOI who was around when this was produced even remembers it.

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Feel free to check out this thread…

I too always enjoyed that on Google Plus, I thought that was really cool. A while back I tried to make this thread, as a continuation on it (Fan-Fiction, of course)

OK, but did anyone notice and crack the code Birde had hidden in the metra tickets?