Easter Eggs in HITMAN


Have you guys found some Easter Eggs? I haven’t found any so far, so I’m really interested to hear and see what you’ve found so far?

Historically there is a lot of Easter Eggs with Danish references, but haven’t found any of these either.

Please post screenshots and videos!

The Ludlum Connection?
Marrakesh eastereegs

Yes I found a direct link to Bond. One of the guard found me sneaking around in my tux, and escorted me away. He said something along the lines

okay “Mr. Bond” this is off limit, so you can go find a martini shaken not stired some where else.


Hah, that’s great. I love these random comments. It’s enough reason to just go around and explore the map.


Yes, I heard that one too! He even said “Mr. Bond” in a bad Bond villain impression.
Another guard said something like, “Dressed to kill? You’d have to finish me off and hide my body in a dumpster to get through here”

Also, the writer of Kruger’s biography is named A Geist Ritter (a ghostwriter) :laughing:


I heard some of the best easter egg about “Delgado cartel” and to whole “A Vintage Year” vibe. It’s one of the few conversations (doesn’t happen everytime) between Dahlia and other woman in the balcony where she takes a drink. Listen to those conversations, they are awesome.

P.S. Great thread @JohnnyDrama


Seems to be a severe lack of Easter eggs :frowning: Haven’t found a single one.


Yeah I feel like there is nothing compared to the previous games. But maybe we haven’t looked close enough?


Cool stuff. I never put the tux on, only the suit. I want to feel like 47, not like Bond

And like @Sharpy47DeadlyShadow said. Listen to every conversation. It has easter eggs from past games. I am ready to bet my ass in the upcoming Sapienza mission you will hear discussion about Don Giuliani


I don’t know if I can classify this as easter egg, but I saw a polish video, in which 47 was going to come through the gate near the palace and one of the bodyguards commented him alluding to James Bond. :smile:


It’s surprising no one’s found any so far, given how massive the map is.

All I want is FCK on a pizza box dammit!


Odd i want poo on the Pizza, each to their own taste.


not exactly an Easter egg but the fashion designer caught me throwing a coin and came over and said something along the lines of “really? How old are you 46? 48?”


I think that was in the beta too. Really good attention to detail.

I’ve searched the entire map for easter eggs but haven’t found any. It seems most come from npc dialouge this time around.

The vampire disguise in particular has some really funny responses when you approach off-limit areas…


I think you are right. Most will be in dialogue. I hope to see a couple posters or FCK things though. Maybe in a different level.

You know what I really want to see? A super ficking annoying cook who tells a story about us. I want to see mei ling (even just on a billboard advertising a book about a life of a SEx slave. Or agent smith.


Actually, that line was in Absolution too. Heard a lot of copy pasted lines. They still work though since everyone still has the same voice


With the insane amount of easter egg-opportunities Paris had, I wouldn’t keep my hopes up for seeing any in the future.
Having easter eggs in this game is the least of my concerns though. That’s another thread, sorry.

[quote=“Heisenberg, post:15, topic:4993”]
Actually, that line was in Absolution too.
[/quote] Never noticed that. What was triggering the line?


There’s the “Mini Ninjas” logo on the (catering?) van in the parking lot. I think I saw it on the a chef’s outfit too.


There is a Ikea Instruction on the Yacht Level (on the table near the Car, where 3 Mechanics stand) ^^


Heard an interesting line though… “Suspect is male, bald, 30-something.” I thought he was 50. And they keep saying I’m wearing a black suit and a red tie, when the suit is clearly white.


This is it I was talking about: