Easter Eggs in HITMAN


Probably more missing #minininjas


If you pop all the balloons, he will appear!!! :grinning:


LMAO just kidding!! That would be very cool though! [/spoiler]


Some time ago wikia wrote Corky is a former killer (I don’t know sources and I think it’s something invented). But it would be cool having him (or another clown) as target in the future


I found 6 ballons, 5 already posted by you, as i can see here. The other one is on the top of the lighthouse. Still nothing happens. I think that the red ballons was a challenge. Anyway i searched everywhere, changed disguies, nothing. Also if you have a save the red ballons will not pop, at least for me, so you have to restart the mission.


John Wayne Gacy easter egg


I don’t think it has to be in sequence. Unlike EEs with bells, these balloons pop and if there is a set sequence then you need to start over every time.
I’m searching the mountains for a possible balloon but so far nothing :disappointed_relieved:


You guys counted the one I posted? Next to the staff entrance next to Rocco’s apartment?


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Yep! So far known:

  • Staff entrance mansion
  • Office in mansion
  • Two in the ruins (top and to the right when viewing from mansion)
  • Sapienza alleys, by the door to the big shop with the vases up on a balcony
  • Lighthouse

If I’m not mistaken


Hi, new poster here (im a reddit guy tho :p)
Made an album with the locations of the baloons (with the freecam)

Technically these 2 are the OG’s since landslide is before the main mission (carusso orders the hit)


So are there any easter eggs in Landslide? The map is pretty big.


Red balloons might lead to something. 6 found so far.


Wonder what kind of outcome will come out of finding all of them. Balloons come out of the ocean to shoot? Everybody goes into big head mode? A giant balloon will come from the sky and shoot lasers? Who knows!


maybe activating fireworks after popping balloons?


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I created this account (real account is Sandeman) to share this pic. I opened the door with a breaching charge. So you should be able to get in or something or someone can get out.


If I remember correctly, that’s because you’re new here. It will change in the near future. :wink:


Hmm I’ll check out. There are a few things going on to combat trolls.

I don’t remember being that strict lol


That area is sealed off in the Landslide mission.


This picture gets me all tight in the pants and it has nothing to do with these balloons. If the door opens I wonder if there is a way to clip into the mansion reliably anywhere on the map. Or maybe force an NPC to have to go into the courtyard allowing you to follow their magic route?


If only we could bomb jump without dying.