Easter Eggs in HITMAN


There is some kind of easter egg on the mansion ground for sure. If you stand where the flower delivery guys stood in the main mission and use instinct a scooter and a motorcycle light up right behind a wall ( where the limousine is/was). Also the ledge lights up meaning you can climb it. Those three thing are all that is lit up, nothing else.

When you zoom in with x3 zoom back on the roof of the safehouse the motorcycle says ‘Stallone 47x’’. That in combination with the door you can blast open must mean there is a way to get on the grounds.


I find it amazing how much effort IO puts into these Easter eggs. Now if only they’d spend as much time implementing the briefcase and fixing issues… :grin:


Actually those objects are just placed there to fill up the space and the instinct works because (almost) all scooters can be blown up. Take for example Marrakesh. If you go into the consulate you can see an alley on the west side of the building that is inaccessible. There are scooters there that also have the telltale yellow instinct glow :slight_smile:

On a different note I can confirm that The Icon does not have the same red balloons. The thing I thought was a balloon in the second floor room with the fireplace was actually the red triangle you see on TVs :sweat_smile:


Has anyone else read the things above the coffins in the morgue in Sapienza?

There’s a joke about “Mr. Presley” <- Possibly refering to Elvis Presley.


Am I right in thinking that you can access the cave beneath the mansion but the mansion itself is still under scrutiny as to whether you can get in?


Oh really? Bummer, I was all excited :joy:


So no progress on more balloons or what they might do once all popped?

Any hints @Morten_IOI @Lasse_IOI ?


Not sure if it means anything but I’ve noticed that the strings of the balloons in the mansion drop to the ground when shot. With the other balloons found (exception being the one in the alley) the strings just keep standing as if they are solid :confused:


I actually found the nice shot in Colorado


is there yet a video showing all easter eggs?


Why did you stop at 6? :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome, new-to-the-forum IOI employee! :grin:


ahahha, nice! Some more searching is in order. Thanks for help :smiley:


Did someone also tried to shoot all green crocodiles?


I’ve spent the last 45 minutes searching and now I am 80% sure there aren’t any balloons on the Sapienza rooftops. Really getting red balloon paranoid, everytime I see a red carpet or that red house on the hill I think “YES THERE-- no” :joy:


I will upload the whole thing asap


Don’t let us wait any longer :smiley:


After a lot of struggle with my laptop (many, many updates) I can finally link the video here. Sorry for the bad quality, never uploaded a video directly from my PS4 before :sweat_smile:


Ahahahaha, thats great!


@Watson a Perfect Easter Egg found in Hitman for this day.