Easter Eggs in HITMAN


Aw, cool! I didn’t know it was your birthday! You should’ve said something!


I wonder if there are 99 of them


Has anyone spent some time with the lat/long coordinates posted in Colorado?


Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but go to Caruso’s gate dressed as the bohemian and the guards will tell you “Buddy, you’re a little late for woodstock” and “hey Willie Nelson, get out of here. Unless you’ve got some of that sweet Mary Jane.”


Caruso’s therapist will mention that Sapienza is the place where “that politician Marco Abiatti” was killed.


Yeah, I noticed that as well. Very cool hearing that.

“Place got history” :smile:


That completes the two bottles I put there. :slight_smile:
TBH it’s a bit stupid that they are bottles, as that makes everybody look for bottles on the other levels, which may be not very accurate.


That’s really nice. :wink: That’s a really good find too.

I have to be honest and say that I’m really surprised that these are being found and noticed this much :smiley: Especially because a lot of players started to look for bottles only.

I’m following this closely :smiley:


Not sure if this counts but I’m pretty sure Caruso is (almost painfully obvious) a reference to Norman Bates. Speaking of Caruso, any chance we’ll ever get a reveal on the name of the singer of “47 Ways”?


Is this an in-joke? In Sapienza:


It says Remember: Call Erik!


I never played KL but I always liked that Io put them in the games. I think self promoting Easter eggs can be fun.


Just found that in Landslide, Marco Abiatti references Dino Bosco (The Icon) during one of his chats with an aging actress.


I recently played Sapienza on Pro and noticed some new lines about Abiatti.
Don’t know, were they here before or just were added in last patch.


There were references to him from the mission’s launch.


I always knew Dr. Lafyette mentions him. But who else does? From what I can recall, I only remember Lafyette…


DeSantis, Caruso, and one of the two twins from the elusive mission mention him too.


Hmm I’ll have to check back with DeSantis and Caruso. As of now I don’t recall, but if I hear it from them again it’ll probably come back to me.

As for The Twin? I don’t remember that at all and it’s not like I can go back lol guess I’ll just have to search YouTube and hope I can stumble upon it :sweat_smile:


Well if you don’t believe him maybe you’ll believe me? I know that the twins did mention Abiati. I heard it, although I forgot the exact quote.


In World of Tomorrow De Santis discover the fact that Silvio ordered the hit as Revenge but whole town thinks is was just a political assanation


Oh no, I’m sure they did!
I’m just saying I don’t remember and I can’t go back, seeing it was an elusive. So I’m gonna have to try and find it on YouTube hopefully.