Easter Eggs in HITMAN


@Lasse_IOI @Morten_IOI is there something up with the goat kinda sound when you kill a soldier in Marrakesh, or is that just random? :ram:


Maybe some kind of reference to the book/film adaptation The Men Who Stare At Goats? Although I think it was based in Iraq not Morrocco and it was US military so I guess there’s no kind of connection.


Way to explain and then refute the explanation! :slight_smile:


Meh, I’m chucking ideas around, not writing a thesis.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQRhThb37Ro As A Big Back To The Future Fan I Found This Amazing


isn’t that a copyright issue?


How so?


I don’t believe it’s similar enough for it to breach the copyright protection. If they had the likeness, it probably would yeah.


idk, Nintendo likes to sue people.


You said Nintendo! Sue! Sue! SUE!

Oh no, I said it too!


Not really an easter egg, but looks like Sam Fisher was here and forgot something.


reminds me of the ones in Silent Assassin


Oh look… Binoculars and NVG that we can’t use :confused:
It would be cool if S2 have those items as unlocks…


There was a bug in Hitman 2 wherein if you wore the night vision googles for too long, you would be stuck in first version when you removed them…and 47’s face texture was plastered across the screen. Made me jump the first time I saw it, seeing his face stretched across the screen as I tried to operate on the cult leader.

“Stop it doctor, you’re killing him!”
“Did you go to medical school?!”


I have found something interesting in reddit.
Spoiler alert, possible future locations of Season 2

6 days ago, r/DumDum300 provided this screenshot in Hokkaido, thinking that these may be the future locations of Season 2.

Then just recently r/The1AndOnlyLegoAlex said that there’s a guard in Colorado claimed he’s involved with the “Hamsun Oil Operation” with Olivia Hall in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkKYQW0cA2M&edit=vd

Hitman 2: possible locations

Indeed and not only do they say Reykjavik but also askes first if he is on the “Mexico job”, and both are together on that cover meaning it could be even more possible…


Mexico, eh? Day of the Dead’s incoming.
Oh, is that Wrocław, that I see? Glad to see Poland in there too. Too bad it’s not city I live in, though.


Hull is a pretty random location to make a level of :joy: but seriously, it’s about time IO does Copenhagen. At this point it’s pretty strange they haven’t.


Rotterdam, fuck yeah! If it’s true I’m curious what kind of level we get. Half of what you see in Rotterdam was in Contracts. The other part are big buildings and busy streets.


Agra YES!! Nice place, would love to see how IO replicates it(if they do)