Easter Eggs in HITMAN


I’m not sure if this is part of an Easter egg or a bug. (I’m thinking it’s more than likely the latter.)
When playing Sapienza on Pro difficulty, there are three security cameras floating above the ocean, right off the coast near the Sapienza sign.
There are no special sounds or visuals linked to shooting them, so they’re probably just stray assets like that floating pot in Hokkaido. (I haven’t done much more than shoot them from top to bottom.)


Bermuda Triangle



Did you really just found out about this dialogue? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Lol I love it actually.


No, but this was the first time I found out who it said.


I feel like such an idiot. I’ve heard that conversation a bunch of times, but never made the connection with Beldingford manor!


The below wiki page is intended to list all Easter Eggs discovered in the game so far. I added in a few entries recently. Please have a look and update it if there are more.


Elusive Target 24 aka “Badboy” is playing Kane & Lynch 2: Dogs Days and also comments on how much he loves Kane & Lynch.


This really is fiction


The biggest minus about the Second game is the length. The game itself isn’t bad, the first one is debatable. Never understood the hatred towards the Second game.


I remember that one of the Kane and Lynch games (I guess is the 2nd) got a lot of negativity because the ending was lackluster and a cliffhanger.


Isn’t that the game that caused the scandal about a Gamespot employee who lost his job because of a bad review?


Yeah i think there was some rumour about some one fired because of a bad review, not sure if there is anything to it. But even if that’s the case, that is not what the game should be measured upon.


For me its the opposite.
First game had much better story while also giving good mission variety and was overall a much better and lenghtier experience.
Second game offered relatively same looking missions and somewhat improved gameplay but that still wasn’t enough.Not to mention ending is unbelievably shitty.


I can’t even remember the ending of the Second game. But i find it funny that both Kane and Lynch exists in the universe of hitman, but apparently also as a game.


Good point, I haven’t even thought about that. :smiley:


The first one had some elements of Freedom Fighters, with the squad mechanics, if I remember correctly. And some fairly cool levels, like the Heat and Collateral inspired street and club shootouts. I remember those fondly.

Don’t remember anything specific about the second one. But I can appreciate that IO was trying something unusual with the characters and the story, that wasn’t about heroics, but them just stumbling around, being in over their heads.
Now that I think of it, and it might be a bit of a stretch, but perhaps you could say Dog Days was a sort of spiritual predecessor of Spec Ops: The Line in that they’re both intentionally unpleasant and going against the power fantasy of so many other games.


I guess that says something about its story and writing


The unfortunate thing about Kane & Lynch games were how they felt un-polished and generally rough around the edges.
At least that’s how I felt playing them when they came out.

I really did like the level design with those games though. Probably some of the best level design IO has done in terms of linear levels.

It’d be interesting to see how they would be done nowadays.


Naa it’s almost an years old game and i havn’t played it at least in 6 years. I highly enjoyed the second game.