Easter Eggs in HITMAN


I love them both!

easily amongst my all-time favorite games! maybe that character is based on me.


This has to be the definitive collection of Easter Eggs and Secrets.

I have not even seen half of them.
Some of them, I can’ imagine how you would even come upon them.


I believe this is new, at least i can’t find it anywhere else.

You can make the guy that gets dumped by his girlfriend for Abiatti suicide and dive into the sea if you mess with the radio next to the bench he sits after getting dumped.

credit to @CHAOS_AGENT_45 for discovering this. Turns out this radio actually did something, people thought it was bugged.
Funnily enough, this doesn’t seem to count as a non-target kill.


He is presumably so allergic to water that his body just gives up before he even touches the stuff.


Lol it looked like he accidently slide to water:D


I guess thats how IOI did it. New animation takes too much work? Just let him run and activate ragdoll at the end!


Even the Hokkaido suicide looks better than this.


Eh, i think making a entire new animation just for this would be a waste, and besides, it looks a lot more hilarious this way.


Lol, how no one had found this earlier. I always hate to hear him crying there, nice to know that there’s a way to kill him without penalty. :^) Totally CUCKED.


I’m blown away that there are still secrets in the game we are discovering, really shows a level of care and passion from the studio!

Out of interest if it dosn’t count as a kill, what would happen if in contracts mode you set him as a target, then got him to jump into the water? Would it count as as a kill or would the contract become uncompletable?


In contract it does count as a kill (appears as “any method”)


Why is your video labeled as Grand Theft Auto? :smiley:


Cause youtube is a mess and sets that automatically :stuck_out_tongue:


Lmao that’s hilarious man


it’s “commit suicide”

sorry, i had to…


Actually, albeit rare, suicide can be used as a verb.

I’m technically correct.
The best kind of correct.


Guy dumped by girlfriend suicide and seadive


The ingredients in the GAMA Restaurant menu. “Dirt” and “Ash”. I am sure @Chef-assassin would approve.


@Travis_IOI any easter eggs in the new dlc?


Probably best to ask @Julien_IOI @Lasse_IOI and @Torbjorn_IOI about it. I’m waiting for whoever finds some!